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Mirage_3M (Swiss)

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Mirage_3M (Swiss)

SF2 "What If" Mirage_3M (Wiss)


Must have SF2I or SF2 Merged for this to work on your game.


Copy the content from each of the folders to your respective folder on your game.


Contain the following aircraft:












NOTE 1: (Fuel Tanks)


The aircraft uses DLC Mirage5BA_80.LOD; which has built-in (1700-ltr fuel tank/ 500-ltr supersonic tank mesh).

Due to my asymmetrical loadout it was necessary to make a separate (1300-ltr fuel tank and 500-ltr supersonic tank).

The reason for the separate fuel tank is because of the following:

1. The aircraft does not use 1300-ltr fuel tank as part of its .LOD (I wanted to have this aircraft to be able to use the 1300-ltr tank).

2. I added a 'centersupersonictank' station for this aircraft, which cannot use the built-in mesh of the 500-ltr tank.



Note 2: (Fuel Tanks)


You can only pair one weapon type with the 1700-ltr tank as an asymmetrical loadout.

The reason is as follows:

1. Asymmetrical loadout with 'one' weapon type on the inner left or right station can only pair with the 1700-ltr tank if that is your selection.

2. Because I needed to have the 500-ltr supersonic tank as a pair loadout to be part of the special paint scheme of aircraft J-2308... I couldn't allow the weapon station to be asymmetrical.

3. You can still select any asymmetrical loadout with different weapon type on the inner left or right station. You just 'CAN NOT' pair it with a 500-ltr or a 1300-ltr tank.

4. You will always have a pair of 500-ltr tank or 1300-ltr tank as a set loadout on the inner wing station.

5. Center station can select a 500-ltr tank or 1300-ltr tank.



I want to thank my good friend "Alejandro" for sharing his excellent mode using the "fake pilot method"



Additional Credits:


TK/Third Wire


X Ray



If I missed anyone it is not intentional and you have the full credit for your work.






24 January 2012




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