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Orange Revolution: 2004

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Orange Revolution: 2004

// Orange Revolution: 2004 Campaign


// By Baltika




// For Black Sea 2.0 Terrain


// By Pfunk


// ------------------------------------



// This campaign mod would not be possible without

// lots of hard work by many talented individuals.


// Credit where it's due:-


// Pfunk for Black Sea 2.0 Terrain


// C5, Dave, eburger, et al for NF4+ pack.


// ErikJ for MiG-29A Ukrainian Early Camo


// ErikJ for Su-27 Ukrainian Splinter Camo


// Gramps for Russian Speech Pack


// --------------------------------------



// Installation Instructions



// Install SF2: Europe


// Patch up to Nov '11 Level


// Install Nato Fighters 4+ from CombatAce


// Install all NF4+ update packs


// Install Pfunk's Black Sea 2.0 terrain from SimHQ


// Install Pfunk's Objects/GroundObject files from Black Sea 2.0 download


// Unzip UkraineCampaignMod files to your desktop or wherever. Drag & drop the unzipped file folders to your NF4+ mod folder, over-writing when required. I have set it up so it should be obvious where everything has to go.


// Fire up your NF4+ install and select "040710 Orange Revolution" from the campaign menu and choose your side. Fight for the liberation/occupation of Ukraine!


// Nota Bene: If you have an existing SF2:E NF4+ install, you can add Pfunk's Black sea 2.0 terrain and object files and all the files from this campaign download into your NF4+ install and all will be fine - it's how I did it on mine, don't panic ;-)



// -----------------------------------------



// Baltika's Musings


// This is my first published campaign mod for SF2 series.


// I wish I could do more, but RL being what it is, as you guys all know round here, life, love and family take priority.


// Having said that, I hope you all enjoy this campaign mod.


// As ever, feedback, Bug Reports, and Single Malt Whisky can be sent to Baltika, c/o CombatAce.




// Slainthe!


// Baltika


// 27 February 2012


// -----------------------------------------


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Do i need 100 posts at simhq to download the terrain?



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JDUK asked for some campaign background, here it is:-




2004, Ukraine. . .


The Pro-Western Democratic Orange Revolution falters as its charismatic leader, the lawfully elected president of Ukraine, is assassinated.


Elections are held, but massive civil unrest ensues as the opposition leader of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Party claims a landslide victory amid allegations of electoral corruption and violence. The USSP seeks military aid from Moscow to quell the unrest.


However, a powerful cabal of Ukrainian generals swear to defend the independence of their nation, and to protect the Ukrainian People from this new Russian invasion. . .




and, from Russian perspective:-


2004, Ukraine. . .


The stability of the region is threatened when the pro-Western President of Ukraine, the Leader of the Orange Revolution, is assassinated.


Elections are held, and the pro-Russian leader of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Party is lawfully elected as the new President of Ukraine.


Dissident Ukrainian Generals stir up unrest within terrorist elements of the population and attempt to seize control in a bloody coup. The newly elected Ukrainian President seeks Moscow's help in quelling the unrest. As Russian security interests are threatened, Moscow sends military aid to crush the Orange Revolution. . .




Flyable Aircraft:-
















The campaign features a full ground war, and all mission types are player flyable, depending on your choice of squadron, so, MiG-31 is mainly intercept, Su-27 air superiority, Su-25 mainly CAS, Su-24M for strike runs. Please note, you will require a working NATO Fighters 4+ install for the flyable aircraft featured in this campaign.





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