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SF2NA Iceland Classic TFD/HFD terrain

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Hello everyone,


First, pardon my ingenuity about the 'modding universe', around here, but I've been following this thread a while, and have a doubt:


How does Iceland Classic TFD/HFD terrain compare to the one I've currently installed -  Baltika's Iceland 02 Full-Scale Terrain v2.0 ?

Which one has the greatest realism and immersion feeling?


Thank you.

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My Classic TFD/HFD IcelandNA

Is about as realistic as the Stock North Atlantic terrain, as it has the exact same targetareas: 2031 targets in 46 targetareas.

The Stock North Atlantic targets are very generic, as the towns are just stock towns. 

It has a limited amount of tiles: greenish areas, brown rock/mud and snow. No roads or rivers.

But great care was made to make the tiles blend in with eachother: no visible tile transitions or patterns.

Places like the fjord airfield are pretty cool and real, but reykjavik is still nothing like it should be.

I remember this terrain is shrunk compared to real size, like two thirds the size.

The SF2NA naval campaign can be played with this terrain.




Baltika's Iceland V2

Tried this briefly before,

I would say more research went into this, regarding target areas and terrain type. 7519 targets in 166 targetareas.

There are more different terrain tiles, but they are arguably contrasting a lot with eachother, as can be judged in the screenshots.





Note that in reality the snow cover changes a lot throughout the year.


I suggest you try both. The downloads are tiny in size anyways.

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