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  1. TOPGUN. What else ? Well... just to piss off the Air Boss, I decided to buzz the tower again. Long live to the 80's NAS Miramar ! Thank you JSF_Aggie !
  2. TOPGUN. What else ? No points for second place Meet the Agressors : The famous Hangar Nr. 2 Time to buzz the tower ! Hope you enjoyed, feel free to post your screenshots !
  3. Hello again, Thank you no need to bother, found something similar in the download section (menu screens) !
  4. Hello MigBuster, Nice to read this review, as North Atlantic will always be a classic for me. This release was the sole reason why I updated my PC to Windows 7 a few years ago, (wich I'm still using by the way.) Where did you get that Menu Screen from ? Is it isolated or part of some mod package ? Thank you.
  5. TSF Saab 37 Viggen(*) Flygvapnet Package

    Anyone managed to get a cockpit and exterior model for this aircraft already ? Thank you.
  6. TopGun Campaigns

    Thank you a lot for this OUTSTANDING work JSF_Aggie ! I was waiting for this a long time ago. However, how do I manage to give it it's own install ? ( The best I could do was to place the folders inside my SF2:NA folder...)
  7. Mirage F-1CZ Late

  8. SF2_Ada_Rafale.7z

  9. TMF F-14 Tomcat Superpack

  10. An email from your wife

    Hahaaa! Very good!
  11. Mig-21 Complete Pack SF2 1.8

    Very good ! Just one doubt, isn't the MiG-21Bis supposed to also carry the AA-8 Aphid missile (also known as Vympel R-60) ? Thank you.
  12. Yes some stuff could be better, as they are long awaiting for improvement - like the MiG-29 flight model for instance. What stuff you didn't like so much ?

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