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  1. Mirage F-1CZ Late

  2. SF2_Ada_Rafale.7z

  3. TMF F-14 Tomcat Superpack

  4. An email from your wife

    Hahaaa! Very good!
  5. Mig-21 Complete Pack SF2 1.8

    Very good ! Just one doubt, isn't the MiG-21Bis supposed to also carry the AA-8 Aphid missile (also known as Vympel R-60) ? Thank you.
  6. Yes some stuff could be better, as they are long awaiting for improvement - like the MiG-29 flight model for instance. What stuff you didn't like so much ?
  7. Flight Sims, Circa 1990

    Man, I follow you !
  8. Flight Sims, Circa 1990

    Yes, actor James Tolkan is there and you will fly a lot with him in training. You also dogfight against the F-16 and other types in some Miramar training missions. Very realistic flight models for the F-16; MiG-29; etc; which one will surely note, as these two can get on your six with relative ease. You will also have the notorious navy aviator "rival" (although not "Iceman"), but called "Stinger" instead. Although a somewhat childish character, it gets its role done. Keep flying the missions, the cut scenes do give a "cold war" environment. PM sent.
  9. Who's going to be the new President?

    That's my idea also. Here in Portugal there's some discrete tendency from our news channels, towards showing a better image of Hillary Clinton rather Donald Trump. However, independently of what nonsenses Trump might say daily, there's also a real fear that Hillary win the elections... Because many people know she is pro-war in other countries, and eventualy many people can die.
  10. Flight Sims, Circa 1990

    Didn't know that back then. (Those were the days of Windows 98; and the Internet was still a couple of years around the corner here in Portugal, 1997 or 1998.) So I've had to complete the whole sim by trial and error. But it was probably the most rewarding PC flight sim I've ever completed until today. What makes a lot of immersion feeling and also rewarding sensation to this sim, are the video tracks plot (cinematic sequences), following each mission, focusing in the theatre of operations in relation with the US Navy ops. So, have you completed the 1st. Campaign - NAS Miramar TOPGUN School already ?
  11. Flight Sims, Circa 1990

    I've played it the last time more than 15 years ago or so. Let me guess: - some mission in the last campaign (Libya); - where you had to fly really low above the ground; - take some pictures (with TARPS) over the target area without being shot by the AAA; - manage to return to the carrier while speed running from the MiGs... I've finish it several times, and it was really amusing, although the video plot (between missions), could have been at little longer - after game completion. Afirmative again - played it for the first time around 1993 or so. Graphics were somewhat poor (understandable for that time), but was a great "school" for me and everyone who does like air combat sims. I remember it was possible to rip the F-4 Phantom's wings off, if going extremmelly fast in a nosedive. Liked it a lot because it went directly to teach the basics, and had the right amount of complexity to be easy, immersive and give some fight at the same time.

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