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Reverting to the Nov11 Patch

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The bugs at the Nov11 level were tolerable; I guess is a good way to put it.


The only really glaring thing was runways disappearing in wide view and some goofy loadouts on the F-4C(67).


I could live with them.


Looks like I have to since upgrading to Win7 just to get DX10 is cost prohibitive at the moment. It's not a $30 game to upgrade to NA for me. It's a new hard drive, more RAM, the OS itself... Just not worth the effort for one new plane and a host of bugs.


Maybe in June or so things will have settled out.

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But there are qiute a lot of long wished inprovments and sooner or later you still will upgrade your system. So I think you may to do that.

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yeah, it's real easy:


1) back up all objects and terrains folders -- in particular all aircraft, ground objects, decals, weapons, etc.

2) DELETE ALL MODS folders

3) Uninstall ALL game files

4) run scan and defrag (just something I like to do)

5) reinstall all games using the original exes (NOT the latest ones!!)

6) Patch to Nov 2011

7) rebuild mods folders from backups -- be advised, that anything created by SF2NA or March 2012 patch will need to be deleted


and there you have it

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1. Copy the folders and rename them.

2. Install the March patch.

3. Decide I don't like it.

4. Delete the folders that were patched.

5. Rename the copies to their old names.


Simpull! [sic]

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