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Yak-38M Forger-C


This mod is made for SF2NA.





The Yak-38M was the modernized version of the Yak-38. It got stronger engines and an improved weapon system. It was able to deliver missiles of the KH-25 missile family.

First flight was in 1982.

It entered the service in 1985.



To make it possible to start from the carriers of the Kiev class i had to modify the Kiev's too. I moved the starting position and added a lot of arrestor wires, so that the Yak's can land on deck. It is not perfect.

Vertical take off is at the moment impossible, because the FM cant handle lift engines very well. Only the AI plane on start possition 3 makes a vertical take off, but i dont know why. It is not intended to do so.






The LOD file is made:



by TK


The skin is made:



by TK



The flight model is made :


by TK

and modded

by me



The Cockpit is made



by Mago (Paladrian)




The HUD is made by me.




Weapons are taken from Weapon pack

The GP-9 is made by .... e'm i forgot the name, sorry.


Thanks to all who supported me with their files.








-Unzip the Yak-38 folder into your objects/aircraft folder.

- Unzip the Kiev folder in your objects/groundobjects folder

- Unzip folders GP-9, KH-25MP and KH-25MT into your objects/weapons folder





For remarks, comments, bugs, etc please use the forum or send me a PM.










Hope you enjoy it.



Michael (Gepard)



Made in Germany



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This mod is made for SF2NA.



The LOD file is made:



by TK



You don´t need a LOD, as this mod is for SF2NA only! The LOD is included in the game written in the description!

If you download a mod for one game, you can not assume it to work in a different game! :grin:

Everyone over here gives you info for what game his mod is made, so just download stuff for your games.

I don´t want to sound rude, but we now have 11 (?) different games in the strike fighters series, so you guys have to look for yourself, what mod is useable in your games. :grandpa:

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even if you had the LOD (say you'll buy SF2NA too) it wouldn't work Roberto, as Series2 LODs (from certain point in development) are not Series 1 compatible

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