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Further to the Cat and Dog thread

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That is funny. laugh.gif But also partly the truth. My last cat us like that to my dog. On the other hand my old dog would not put up with the cats if the messed with her. I am going to have to show this picture to my grandmother however as she is a cat person.

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When I was a squish, we had an almost white German Shepard, but not "white enough" apparently so she was sold for cheap by the breeders and we got her. Lady.


We had a Siamese cat, Potato. I also called her Plump. She wasn't plump but she DID seriously look like a potato.


Lady assaulted Potato daily while Potato was on her back. Potato would paw up Lady's face, but never once a claw appeared. Lady would chew her, well, gum her up, with never one tooth bared. After each attack, Potato was all wet, fur melted down dripping with Lady's saliva. That was their play. Best dog, koolest kat.

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Its the truth concerning my cat Sijtje and her two obedient Newfoundlanders Jessie & Lilly. With due credits to you, Widowmaker (I named you co-owner of a Newcastle pet shop) I put this on Facebook, thanking you for reminding us of the Universal Truth in cat-dog relations.. :good:

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