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Top Gun Music Theme for SF2 Series

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Top Gun Music Theme for SF2 Series

Tested with Strike Fighters 2 series; should work with SF1 series via manual install.


This music theme was originally designed for Falcon BMS 4.32, but arguably better fits SF2 North Atlantic from a thematic standpoint.


This mod takes Harold Faltermeyer's music from the 1986 Paramount film "Top Gun" and applies it thematically to the different UI screens. The music was ripped from the film and processed by CamelBlue, but in some cases the removal of dialog resulted in muted music or inconsistent volume. In these cases, I mixed in the audio track of the F-14s shooting down the Libyan MiG-23's over the Gulf of Sidra. This mix worked better than I had hoped possible.


Now all we need is for somebody to mod the MiG-28...or perhaps an F-5 skin ;).




Easy Installation (no other existing menu mod)

Copy the included Menu folder into your SF2 mods folder



Manual Installation (existing menu mod)

In most cases, I used the same name of the existing theme, so you can just insert the WAV files into your [sF2 Mods]\Menu folder. There are some exceptions noted below:


Replace the BackgroundMusic line with "BackgroundMusic=CreditsScreen.wav" (sans quotes) in the following files:



Replace the BackgroundMusic line with "BackgroundMusic=Planning.wav" (sans quotes) in the following files:



Replace the BackgroundMusic line with "BackgroundMusic=CampaignScreen.wav" (sans quotes) in the following files:




[4. Optional Enhancements]

I have another mod that reduces the size of the object icons on the planning map and makes them semi-transparent in order to see the map beneath the units. Since this mod also makes changes to the PLANNINGMAPSCREEN.INI, I have included this mod as an optional installation. If you copy these files to your [sF2 Mods]\Menu folder, then you will have both the Top Gun Music Theme and the new map icons working together.



[5. Future Compatibility Issues]

In the effort to minimize the size of this mod, I used the some of the same files across multiple menus. This means that in order to ensure compatibility with future official SF2 patches, you may need to extract the ini files listed in the previous section from the MenuData.CAT file and compare the files to ensure compatibility. You can quickly find my changes in the sections bracketed by //.


Likewise, you can always copy and rename the WAV files to match the default WAV filenames in order to ensure compatibility for future patches.



[6. Additional Information]

The debrief sound files are not listed in an INI from the Menu folder, but rather are listed by nation in the NATIONS.INI file. This means that even if you decide to remove this mod, you could If you wish rename the existing debrief music files and allow them to be played for the U.S. Navy. The updated section in your NATIONS.INI should read:






For support, please post in this File Announcement thread at CombatAce.


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downloading in office, how is this setup?


Using the expanded sound track? or the

Harold Faltermeyer Score Soundtrack?

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If I understood correctly he took it straight from the movie and mixed it on his own. And also from what I understand that since he did mix it AND its not making money on it that its legal.



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This is strictly the Harold Faltermeyer score from the film, as opposed to anything released on an official soundtrack (i.e. no "Danger Zone").


I didn't rip it directly (CamelBlue gets the credit for that; I downloaded the rips), but I did mix the F-14 radio chatter into selected tracks.

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yeah, i have like 8 Top Gun Sound tracks, 1 of them is on Cassette, CD, and MiniDisc. then there's the expanded one (CD and MD), then the limited edition/special edition/anniversary edition/Expanded one (which wasnt really limited, but had the remixes, plus the Righteous brothers etc)(CD and MD),


and there's the score one which **WAS** Limited to less then 75 copies produced, but i think its all over the net now.



I have an official Harold Faltermeyer Top Gun Score CD, with Cert. of Authenticity from Paramount. Which did not include any tracks from any artists (Kenny Loggins, Cheap Trick, Berlin, etc.)


only seen one "Package" that's correct, others have the audio ripped from the 5.1 DVD Channel Stream. Some of the scores ripped from the DVD Audio stream arent even H.F.s work, as he left the project.

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Yeah, I recall that his leaving the project is the reason his score wasn't released commercially. To have the official score must be awesome!

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Where can I find some of this stuff?

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Paramount had some copies made for members of the Production Crew, that was it,


the "packages" that have instrumentals of songs by cheap trick or berlin are fake.


his CD only had his work, and there's still a few tracks on my CD that still aren't out on the net


I have 6 renditions of the Anthem w/ Different Names:

Opening; Played during the Opening Credits


New Mission; Played during the briefing of the mission at the end of the movie, similar to the Opening, but with more keyboards.


Mission Accomplished (also on the net as "Film Version"), pretty much the same light percussion sequence and guitar only, no keyboards or bells, played During "remaining Migs are bugging out"


Top Gun Anthem CD Single w/ Steve Stevens, The CD Version/Music Video Version.


a Similar Slower Version forgot the title name, Played when he's throwing the Dog Tags and when he's told he made the front page, slower but similar to Mission Accomplished, but has some keyboards and the whistle (sounds like a clarinet or obo).


and a Very Slow Version forgot the name off hand, played during the Duke Mitchell/Viper back story, mainly the clarinet/obo instrument with a little bit of keyboard, towards the end the percussion fades in a little.

(I think someone tried to rip this from the movie, but the version i have is 2 minutes longer than the entire scene from the movie.

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