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One Last Thing I do not understand......

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OK, so this has me confused in single missions......




I will put together a strike package, let's say to bomb a power station, but when I add in some aircraft as escorts (Say, F-15A) I cannot seem to select appropriate weapons, such as AIM-7's.

Is this limitation a bug in the sim at all? Also, I find that in a group of 4 aircraft, number 4 always seems to bugger off and do his own thing, and as a consequence, ges fragged.




Aside from that, having a blast! (no pun intended)









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Instead of dumping the full selection of weapons on you, single mission mode gives you only the stuff useable on the plane you pick initially. So, if you add a different aircraft type into the flight, they won't get their specific weapons.

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In case your number one aircraft is a mudmover, the other planes going to have the same available weapons as that.

With an example, if you start with an A-7 then your F-15 will only have Sidewinders for A2A duties. It is like that from the begining of the game series as I can recall.


Number 4 is most of the time pain in the butt, also depends on how close to the target you asign a target for flight2. Other than that, if they got the weaps, they always going to defend themself from SAM and AAA fire, thus sometimes ending toasted.

An other note as I found in mudmoving, if the asigned targets are eliminated 3 and 4 will auto target the closes AD unit then continue with the rest untill they winchester.


edit:GrViper was faster ;o)

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