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2 Questions

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Hello,it's me again!


I have 2 Questions:


1.Is it possible to change the Jasta in an Campaign?

I am now in Jasta 2 but I want to go to Jasta 11.

Is that possible?


2.How can I change the Pilot Pic in the Dossier?

Is it possible to use own Pictures?


Thx for your Answers and Greetings.

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Hi akulawien,


1. not via normal methods no, currently BH&H you would have to edit pilot files - someone who has done it will have to help if you go that route as (and obviously we won't "support it" if it goes wrong).

You would othewise have to create a new pilot in the new squadron and date.

OFF2 maybe different..


2. Yes there was a tutorial for this somewhere. Also if you click the Help in the pilot dossier screen I believe it mentions doing this too - I cannot check as I have OFF2 dev setup.


"Golden Eagle" here he has done both ... http://combatace.com/topic/69231-campaign-treating-a-fighter-squadron-as-a-bomber-one/page__p__545573__hl__editing+pilot+dossier__fromsearch__1#entry545573

maybe he can help ?

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