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La-11 Fang by Bunyap, For SF2

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La-11 Fang by Bunyap, For SF2

a-11 Fang by Bunyap, For SF2


= For SF2, Any and All =


Note: although NOT strictly a WW2 aircraft, but immeadite Post-War. This'll give the Mustangs, Spitfires and such something to else to tangle with in the late 1940s.


Some modifications, tweeks, and various fiddles with Bunyap's Lavochkin La-11 "Fang", bring it into SF2. This is the complete package, with cockpit, skins/decals, and engine sound.


Skins included are:


Soviet (silver-gray)

PLAAF (sliver-gray)

NK_CVAF (North Korean, Chinese "Volenteer" Air Force)

NKPAF (NK silver-gray)

NKPAV_Green (dark green camo)


The decals inis have been rewritten to use as many stock decals as possible. The NK Green, however, has new decals made for the KAW mod with semi-historical numbering.


New hangar and loading screens are included, now in jpg format. The hangar screen is an SF2-style rebuild of my original 'box art' version.


It should be noted, that due to the age of model (ie: it's from 2005!!) there are many issues that are unfixable. One of the major ones, is the shadows are turned OFF, as there are huge 'tractor beam lines' extending from the aircraft. You just have to live with them.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please read them!


Happy Hunting!



kevin stein


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