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New AviatikD.I's will be posted

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I finally finished the Aviatik D.I skins for Sephen1918's AviatikD1 model. There are a few things that you will need to do to get the Aviatiks to work right. I created all new Aviatik D.I aircraft folders for each Flik. DATA.INI, Config.INI, skins, Hangar screens and Loading screens. Pretty much everything you need for a new aircraft. I didnt include any .LOD's though. I dont like to post some else's 3D work. You'll need to copy your AviatikD1 .LOD's and paste into each new aircraft folder. It only takes 30seconds or so. I did it this way because there are so many different Flik markings and skins for the Aviatiks. Now if you fly for the Italians you may come across Flik14J, Flik60J or even Flik63J. All as their own aircraft. I do this now with almost all of my Skins for different Jasta's, Fliks, or Squadrons. This way you will always encounter a new Foe in single missions.


I also had to create a new nation in the "NATIONS.INI". I called it "Austria2". I did this because the markings for the Austrian aircraft like the Aviatiks and Phonix all had somewhat different markings. And unlike Germany, Austria really didnt start changing their Iron Cross markings till the summer of 1918. Some had the Iron crosses with white borders and some where just black. So I created all new Decal.INI's for every skin and all new Decal.tga's to be placed directly into the main Decals folder.


The only big job on your part will be to renumber the the new "Austria2" nation in the NATIONS.INI and then renumber all the new Decals to match the Austria2's new numbers.


Ex: my Austria2 starts at 040-042 because thats how many nations I have. So yours would have to be numbered to what ever you last nation is in you "NATIONS.INI"




DisplayName=Austrian2 Army Air Service

































Then all the new decals will have to be numbered accordingly.


INSIGNIA040, INSIGNIA041, and INSIGNIA042 will have to be renumbered 023, 024, 025 if you have an unaltered NATIONS.INI I think

it's VERY important the numbers be changed in the proper consecutive order. like above 040 changes to 023, 041 changes to 024, etc, etc.


It's all in the readme file which seems pretty involved. But it's well worth it. The PhonixD.II and D.IIa's are next. Just finishing up all the new loading and hangar screens for FE2 use.




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Very detailed work! I admire your willingness to go the extra steps. I'm looking forward to this!

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