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Hey all, i've been lurking around here for awhile, just getting into SFP1 again after getting the bad taste out of my mouth. (Had the original Wal-Mart release.... :tomato: )


Anyway, i have a quick question regardin the installation of some user created aircraft. I've downloaded a bunch of them. Most have gone in no problem, but there are a few that do not show up in the menu when i go to create a single mission. The Team Viper F-16B IAF and F-16A IAF are two of the planes that i'd really love to fly but can't. is there an ini file somewhere that i need to edit and i'm forgetting about or something?

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Hi & sorry for missing this for a couple of days :sad:

Whoever uploaded the file appears to have called it F_16 instead of F-16 so when you extract it you get a folder with the wrong name too.

Just edit the folder name to F-16_IAF & it should be fine. I expect that the problem with the A is the same.

Please lmk how you get on & I'll get the file names changed.

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I'm a FNG also and have been at many sites getting everything I can, mainly anything to do with Naval Aviation. I thought I had this down quick but for some reason the A-6A didn't load at all. I've installed the ships and the really "hard" stuff, but for some reason I can't hack a simple aircraft install? I guess I waited too long to try out this SFP1, I got it at EB Games for $3.

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