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A New issue-- will only load on second try ?

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After several years of playing this game -- with very few ,if any, issues a new one jumped up a few weeks ago.


When I start in campaign mode ( my normal place to go ) and get to the last load screen it does not load and place me in my plane ready to take off.

The very small blue circle rotates for a very long time ( made a cup of tea once ) and never loads. After escaping and going through the restart prcedure

for the second time it loads as usual and off I go flying as usual.


Is something any one else has had experience with?


Should I become concered that future issues will creap into the game?


I am running Win 7 64bit with a super high end gaming computer that several of you "GREAT FOLKS" helped me design last year.

This is a very friendly site of all of those I frequent.



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I had similar type issues from time to time over the years. Usually, I go to the Workshop and Click "Delete All Pilots", "Reset CFS Files" , and or "Reset OFF". That usually clears up any errant files or corruptions that can happen with use. If all else fails..clean install of OFF is the answer.




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I never had this problem, but my TrackIR often only starts at second attempt.

When I use "Crapp Cleaner" before to check and clean "Registry", then it starts fine.


"Reset OFF Manager" should help (first thing to do) - the Manager can easily get confused

by wrong entries or files. If that fails, you should also reset CFS3, as cptroyce said.

It is hardly ever really necessary to make a re-install.

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