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Mikoyan Gurevych MiG-29EJ Fulcrum

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Mikoyan Gurevych MiG-29EJ Fulcrum

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I modded the MiG-29 from The Mirage Factory to make it look like a fictional fighter and recon plane for the japanese air self defense force.




The change in the government of North Korea (KJI jr. substituting his father) led to a fear from a neighbour who was continuing his nuclear weapon program and becoming an unstable factor in the surroundings of Japan. China, the big brother to NK, kept influencing KJI not to try anything that could lead to a greater war in the far east. Although Pyongyang assures not to threaten peace in Eastern Asia, the ministry of defense of Japan decided to act. The ministry of defense created a new squadron, the 65th Hikotai, stationed in Miho. The squadron badge was composed by a classic origami figure.


The decision on which plane to choose for this new squadron did not take long. Two russian MiG-29 were forced to land in Japan because one of them suffered engine problems. The JASDF used this opportunity to take a closer look on this plane. It's easy maintenance and the low demand of time needed to get the plane ready were the main reasons for choosing the plane.




1. Drop the folders into your MODS Folder. If asked to overwrite, click yes.





Big thanks go to Crusader for allowing me to release this plane.


All credit belongs to ALL the members of The Mirage Factory for their fantastic work they did with this model.

Special credit goes to Oliver Anguille for his effort and hard work. May he rest in peace.


Also big thanks to dast24 for porting the plane to SF2-Standards.


Old readme from the original SFP1-Model is included.


For any further questions don't hesitate to contact me.


Kindest regards




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