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How to indicate the throttle status in a HUD

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hi~I'm new to join the SF2, a fabulous game. and most amazing is i can customize a plane as my whishes. however, i try to get the throttle status (usually like 0%, 30%, .... 100% (AB))indicated on my plane's HUD, then i could turned of that small window which indicate your speed, altitude, heading and throttle.


i tried add following sentences in my avionics .ini file, but nothing showed.














I also tried use THROTTLE_CONTROL_TEXT, THROTTLE_CONTROL to replace that value for SymbolType, but failed. anyone PLEASE could help me?


moreover, is there any tutorials showing how to coding in SF2 Mods? i can't find any. THANKS.

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FYI, Throttle position is of little value in RL, pilots mostly go by RPM percentage. Also, not all aircraft in this series have staged afterburners, most are all or nothing (MiG-17/19/21/23, F-8,100,105, Mirage-III, etc). Some varients of the J-75 had minimum afterburner settings and, of course, the J-79 had five afterburner stages.

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in real life there is no such thing as throttle indicator on HUD for most of planes I think (Crusader please correct me here)

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