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F-105D 'Thunderstick II' wish list?

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Just a wish list item for the one of the latest mods of the famed F-105D. The 'Thunderstick II'or T Stick mod as it was called back in the day. It would be cool if one of the great modders out there could tackle this endeavor. This mod for the old THUD gave it a 'Hump Back' dorsal spine with the T Stick II bombing avionics upgrade. Don't know much about the specifics of the capabilities? I think the ANG or USAF Reserve unit based out of Carswell AFB in the early 80's and maybe late 70's flew these special breed. Anyway, I could possibly provide some pics of these steeds but don't have a clue as to their capabilities i.e. Nav, Hud, bombing systems, etc.?


Thanks for listening, NIELS :biggrin:



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wouldn't that require an entirely NEW aircraft lod???


scabbing it on via fake pilot could be done, but matching the camo lines would be a nightmare......

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