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Useful Sites for Modelers

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Fellow simmers and model enthusiasts,


I have put together a list of modeling sites that I have found useful. I will list the site then write about the features. If you are an experienced modeler then you probably know about these, but newbies like myself will find these to be new. With so many pictures, tips, and reviews you may have to plan the next couple of months of your life around these sites.


1. http://aircraftresourcecenter.com/


ARCair.com is a plastic model site that has an excellent gallery and a great tips section. The forum* is filled with subject matter experts.


* As of 6/11/12 the forum has been down for the day.


* Forum back up as of 6/12/12.

2. http://hyperscale.com/


Hyperscale is on the ball with aircraft modeling news and related book reviews. The gallery is a little more extensive then Arcair's and I could spend days going through each entry.




Modeling Madness has great reviews and previews of hundreds of aviation kits. Want to see what you'll find in the box before you buy it? Try the previews.


4. http://www.cybermode...com/index.shtml


Admittedly so, I mainly look at the aircraft section. I feel that this site is a little bit more thorough with it's 'in box' reviews then site #3. For example, check out it's page on Monogram's 1/72 scale B-36. This was the first site I found I spend weeks looking at all the parts and decals from every listed kit. It has helped me select the simpler kits and the reviews have helped me to steer clear of the nightmarish examples.

That's it for now. If you have more then please list the site in the format I have used above and I will include it next.


Also, here is a list of my favorite sites to buy models from.


1. http://www.scalehobbyist.com/


-best overall prices and extremely fast


2. http://amazon.com/


-competitive pricing and lots of variety.


3. http://ebay.com/


-some real gems, but be prepared to compete for them!


Thanks for looking and happy modeling.

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