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Odd sort of Spitfire here...

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If you can tell us who this (pretend) MkVb belongs to, and what they're doing with it, you get this week's clever bugger prize!


Uploading soonish....










It isn't quite as obvious as it might seem!



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W3312 ???


That supposedly was aircraft QJ-J of S/L James Rankin, 92 Sqn Biggin Hill.

Plane was lost when the pilot bailed out after engine problems, Sept 3 1942.


That is not the case here, or were these numbers duplicated sometimes,

because those colours, 4R and D-Day invasion stripes confuse me???

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Well spotted Muesli - I haven't got around to doing the s/n s yet! So Jamie Rankin's is just a placeholder and doesn't tell you anything. The real W3312 was lost on 3rd October 1942 off the Kent coast after an engine failure, so this clearly isn't it! But the other markings are correct for what I have in mind...

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As far as it is possible, the serials correspond to those of MkVb aircraft used by units assigned to the Air Spotting Pool during June 1944. It is not possible to determine which were actually used by VCS-7, as the aircraft of a number of squadrons were pooled centrally.


Anyway, this is as close as you can get!


Uploading tomorrow, all being well.













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