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HELP a newbie: CFS3 and OFF won't run (quite suddenly !

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Please help me june 25, 2012


I installed <CSF3> +< Over Flanders Field > about 1 year ago; ran < Over Flanders Field > almost everyday for a year.

The game was operated with Internet disconnected + all other computer programs turned off.

< Over Flanders Field > was not operated for the last 4 weeks, but the computer was used, including use of the Internet.



<Over Flanders Field > stops with ERROR meassage

< CFS3 > stops in a BLUE screen . does not run



1. Is CFS3 the trouble here ?

2. Is there anything I can try to avoid reinstalling both CFS3 and OFF ?


3. Please explain where v.3; v3.1, v3.1a can be found.

for the long, tedious installation that will be required for < CSF3> + < OFF >


3.1 install CSF3 v.3;

3.2 install CFS3 v3.1;

3.3 install CFS3 v3.1a

3.4 install OFF


Thanks from a newbie,





The operation details are listed below


< Over Flanders Field >

the [Menu] appeared ; Clk [Quick Combat]; Clk Quick Flight type [Free Flight] ;


Clk [Go to Field] =>[Weather Statstics ] Clk: [Done] after setup

the following message appeared:


| Cannot locate the CD ROM |

| Please ins...

| [OK]


Clk [OK]



the following message appeared:



| An error has incurred intiating CFS3

| -make sure...

| : : :

| PatchMemmorySynch: Done: TerminateProcess ( failed )

| [OK ]


Clk [OK]



< Combat Flight Simulator 3 > Disc 1 was run , but a blue screen eventually resulted. CSF3 is apparently corrupted


Airfield appeared, but hangars seemed to be floating above ground, field and scenery far behind the floating hangars !


Clk [Quick Combat]; choose [Free flight ]; Clk [Close] ; Clk [ Fly ] => BLUE screen mentioned above.




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Since the Devs moved over the SimHQ, you might want to post this problem over there in the OFF Technical Problem area.

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The trick is to find out what changed. Something on your PC changed to make a working program suddenly stop.


Also as the error seems to be asking about CFS3 CD not being found? - daft question but is it in your drive and is it clean? The CFS3 one that is (do you have the correct one in as there are two CDs often)?


If you do have the correct CD in, try cleaning it, gently.


We do not check here too often so otherwise best to email support (see FAQ) with your order details, if it is not an issue with the CD sounds like you may have ot reinstall after doing a clean uninstall if files or you OS have become corrupted somewhere (hard drive OK?)

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