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SON-9A "FIrecan" AAA Fire Control Radar

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SON-9A "FIrecan" AAA Fire Control Radar

SON-9A "Firecan" by Julhelm.


This model represents a SON-9 (NATO reporting name, Firecan) fire control radar. It's set up to datalink with the KS-19 100 MM AAA gun. I've included the data.ini file with the appropriate network edits to allow that weapon to work in conjunction with the SON-9.


This model is set up as "Static_AAA", as that is the only way that it will work properly. That is, track its target, network with the aforementioned gun types, and to illuminate the "AAA" warning light on an aircraft's annunciator panel.




Simply drop the Firecan and the KS-19 folders into the Objects/GroundObject subfolder, under the Saved Games/Thirdwire/Strike FightersX folder. If warned about a file or folder overwrite (which should be the case for just the KS-19), simply accept the overwrite and continue.


The game engine will automatically place the unit wherever it deems fit.


Known issue: This model will not cast a shadow, and only the developer can rectify that.


Model and textures by Julhelm, data.ini work by Fubar512.



*Be advised to rename/remove/move any other versions of the Firecan*


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