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LAU-3 on TER mounted on centerline of A-4 ahit

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Hi guys


I would like to represent the following loadout on a A-4 ahit, as represented on the cover of the dedicated osprey issue:



I modified loadout.ini, and checked that data.ini includes TER and RP mounting on centerline. But in game, there is only one rocket pod, mounted on the centerline without TER. Do you know how to fix this?


PS: here is what i've modified in loadout.ini:















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The game code doesnt allow us to load multiple rocket pods on a TER. Several guys ask TK for that since many years but he says its bad for frame rates ....... :blink:


It is possible to create such a configuration by adding seperate stations for 3 pods to the data ini and using the existing CL station for a non-jettisionable fake-TER ..



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Just been looking through Gunny's Ordnance Shop for it. What's the designation?


I'm f**ked if I'm gonna spend a Sunday afternoon looking through it all.....

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Nice idea piecemeal.



I found a triple lau-10 (search for LAU-10AX3 ) in the package. I guess we can work around it to make a triple lau-3

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The LAU-10X2, LAU-10X3 were made as one Model. It is seen as a 12 or 8 Shot Rocket Pods made by Crab02 some Seven Years ago.



The Reason that You can't Load up three LAU-3's is simple. It's a "Game Limitation". A Player can only load up 48 Shots per MultiRack or Parent Rack Station. That's two LAU-3's or less. 48 Shots is the Limit, 72 is out of the question.





Semper Fi



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