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What can I do if my add-on weapons don´t work

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Well, the 1st Thing would be --as stated in several thread/post in the KB...


"PLEASE do NOT post questions in the Knowledge Base. It's for answers ONLY. All questions/requests for help go in the regular Forums; either General or Mods and Skinning"



As to the acutal question, can you be a little more specific?

Like, which game, which patch level, what weapons?

Do you have the correct (for patch level) 3rd Wire Weapons Editor?

Have you read the instructions here:




Have you extracted the weaponsdata.ini from the Objects.cat???


Help us to help you, with some basic info!!

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My sim is Strike fighters project one.

It´s got the Oct 2008 update patch.

I`ve also downloaded the weapon editor found at M`cFly page to edit the Weapondata.ini but it doesn´t work...

What can I do?

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Do you has the corrrect weapon editor?

Do you has extracted the weapondata.ini?

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you need the weapon editor of 2008.


Make sure that you close the editor correctly.

First press sSAVE button, then press CLOSE button. Dont close the programm by using the x button.

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the stuff over at mcfly is like 5 years out of date


the 08 level weapons editor is available at 3rd Wire, and in our SF/Wo* downloads sections, under Tools and Utilities.

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Hiya, Gonzaatleti99


I'm sorta a "newbie" here, meself (well, actually I've had SFP1 and WOV or several years, and did a lot with FE1 and FE2, but then gave up for a while (too much "tweaking" required -- never actually PLAYED the ThirdWire Games, just constantly adjusted them ... but, now I'm back, trying again, and re-learning ....)


The WeaponEditor and GunEditor programs come in different versions, and usually ONLY work correctly with the version of SFP1 (or FE, or whatever) that they were designed for.


If you have your SFP1 patched to the Oct 2008 level [sFP1_Update_Oct2008b.exe], you will probably need the WeaponEditor [and GunEditor, and CATExtractor programs] that were designed to work with that "version" of the program. Older ones (such as Bunyap's July 2006 WeaponsPack and included Editor) probably won't work -- either you get NO "WeaponData.dat" after running it, or whatever it produces won't actually work in your game.


Here is a link to the "most recent" WeaponEditor download here on CombatAce --



It's from February 2008, and might, or might not, work with your setup (the ones currently available on the Thirdwire webpage are older, or designed for SFP2)..

[sorry. I've got my game patched to the version of SFP1, and use the WeaponEditor by Bunyap from July 2006].


Hope some of this is helpful.

If not, no harm done, Eh?




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Greetings, again, Gonzaatleti99

If you are willing to accept some advice from a "Junior Member" here, here's a few things for you to think about and consider --


If I do not see weapons available (that should be) in the "Loadout" screen, but am (pretty) sure that my Weapondata.ini and Weapondata.dat files are correct, I start looking at the following --


(1) First (and most easily addressed) is the "StartYear=nnnn" entry for the weapon in Weapondata.ini. If you are trying to play a mission in 1953, but the weapon didn't become available until 1955, it ain't gonna show up. Simple. Obvious.


These next involve checking both "Weapondata.ini" and the "xx_Data.ini" for the aircraft you are trying to fly with that weapon.

(2) In "Weapondata.ini" --





(3) These must match the corresponding entries in your aircraft's "xx_Data.ini" file, under

"SystemType=WEAPON_STATION -- "




If they don't match (as illustrated above), the weapon won't show up in the "Loading" screen.

-- The weapon is too heavy for that Station

-- The attachment type is wrong

-- The weapon is from a different nation

-- The weapon class for that Station wants a Gunpod, not a "droppable" weapon

[And, if you are dealing with an "Internal" bomb bay, you also need to look at length and diameter for the particular weapon].


Oh, it gets worse .....

(4) "Guidance Type" in Weapondata.ini corresponds to "Allowed WeaponClass" in your aircraft _Data.ini.

The sim uses numbers for "GuidanceType" (0 = unguided, "iron" bomb) and letters (in _Data.ini) for the corresponding weapon class allowed ("BOMB" or "GP"). However, when you get into torpedos, missiles, etc., it starts to get confusing. [Can't use the same entries both places - that would make things too easy, Eh?]

Using the Mk 13 Torpedo from WWII, for example, some modders consider it "GuidanceType=5" (TV Homing, generally consistent with "EOGR" (Electro-optically guided rocket) entry in "_Data.ini"), while others consider it "GuidanceType=1" (Wire guided, generally consistent with "WGR" entry in "_Data.ini").

[somebody REALLY needs to update the "How to Add a New Weapons" tutorial one of these days ....]

Needless to say, if the "GuidanceType" entry in your "Weapondata.ini" and your "AllowedWeaponClass" entry in your aircraft's "xx_Data.ini" file don't match, the weapon will not show up.


(5) So, what the heck -- It is much easier to adjust these values in your individual aircraft "_Data.ini" files (simple text-edit in Notepad) than in Weapondata.ini (text edit, plus run through the Editor, and hope you get a valid Weapondata.dat file).

Putting something like this in your aircraft's _Data.ini file --



Is probably overkill, but it won't generally hurt anything (DOES give you a raft of inappropriate alternate weapons to choose from, however). And, once you've got things working like you want (Remember, your aircraft's supplied "Loading.ini" file generally lists the "correct" default loadouts for your missions), you can then "edit out" the superfluous erroneous entries in your _Data.ini file.

Always make Backups before editing ANYTHING -- You'll be glad you did .....


(6) And, of course, you always have to be on the lookout for something like this, in your aircraft's _Data.ini file --

// Weapon Stations --------------


// Fuel Tanks --------------------




Means the Mod Author of that particular aircraft chose NOT to allow ANY external stores (including droppable fuel tanks) on that particular model.


Hope some of this is helpful to you.



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Hi again! I´´m again here after some great holidays days in the beach.The first thing I did is to download the KF-2 Hammer aircraft available on the download site.

I opened a photo that was included in the folder called ''Weapon install'', I followed all the steps and opened my flightsim...and what a surprise when I found the hi-tech addon weapons on the loadout screen!!:yikes:

So if you have some doubts about aaded weapons and weapon editors ,you can look at that photo


Anyway...Thanks to everyone for helping me

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