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India-Pakistan Terrain Water Bmp Fixit Pak

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India-Pakistan Terrain Water Bmp Fixit Pak

India-Pakistan Water Bmp Fix Pak 7/18/2012


- For SF2, Any and All, But Designed for Full-5 Merged w/SF2NA -


A very small fix that removes a "modder induced problem" (hangs head in shame), with the _water.bmp for the India-Pakistan Terrain.


I had totally forgotten that the Game Engine ™ classes India as an "Enemy" nation, therefore it uses the 'other color' for it's carrier zones. I'd orignally used the 'standard green', as seen on various others; that's the 'Friendly Nation' (Blue Side) color. That pale-ish green is used for those classed an 'Red Side".


This is now corrected. A Blue Side green zone was added in case anyone make Pakistani Navy ships, so the DD/FF/whatever groups have someplace to steam around.


Sorry for the inconvience!


As always, fairly simple, easy to follow install instructions are included. Please read and follow them. It's pretty straight-forward (for once!)


Happy Landings!


kevin stein


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Many thanks Kevin!!! :salute:

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as soon as they're finished testing, there's a whole slew of ships comming too, carriers, frigates, and so forth

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