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Great reference site on British nuclear weapons & delivery methods.

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Great reference site on British nuclear weapons especially the WE.177 Lots of photos and a slideshow on delivery methods.



The slideshow on delivery methods http://nuclear-weapons.info/images/deliverymethods.ppt works very well in SF2 however you have to use the following release distances because the distance to a visual ground target in SF2 is a straight line not a horizontal distance. You will also need to make a copy of the WE.177 bombs and make them non retarded with the weapons editor as you cant toss bomb a retarded bomb very far! You will also need to deactivate the release animation which will stop the parachute deploying. So for the first delivery method release at a distance of 5.09NM and for the second method release at 2.55NM. The rest are unchanged. I came up with these figures by using the data in the slides and a bit of triganomatry lol

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Here is how to make a non retarded version of a retarded bomb.


1, Firstly open the editor and copy the bomb you want to change.


2, Rename it xxxx_slick


3, make the following changes and save.


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I have to give you a correction here....

due to Political Correctness ™, "retarded" bombs, etc can no longer be refered to as such.


Their status has been changed to "Drag Challenged".


thank you for you attention





on the good side, that's a COOL link!!

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