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  1. Bell XF-109

  2. Harbin H-5 (Chinese Il-28 Beagle)

  3. AH-1/AH-64/etc weapons systems question

    Hmm, Cobra it is; since it's also a much less used chopper in films/games. It would still make sense since the story does have to do with several-decade long world poverty, thus slowing new inventions down I dunno about that, since he is a soldier after all, he'll need some sort of weapon :P
  4. AH-1/AH-64/etc weapons systems question

    Propane tanks seems too cliche and action movie-ish. The story is more on the dramatic, dark side. special AP ammo seems pretty good, also thought of making the pistol as the first laser-type ever designed and in production by the enemy forces, given to higher ranking soldiers. It's extremely buggy, ammo is rare and expensive. But still sought after the allied forces as a war-souvenir almost like the Luger in WWII.
  5. AH-1/AH-64/etc weapons systems question

    He's carrying a pistol. hmm, this could give me some ideas. Because it's a future sci-fi/fantasy, I'll make this pistol extraordinarily powerful. The pistol is already important to the story, so I guess I'll make it more interesting.
  6. I've been writing a story and the scenario is that someone on foot has an attacker approaching them and when they get close enough the character fires a single shot hitting the co-pilot forcing the chopper to turn away. My question is whether the turret will become useless if the gunner is killed in any kind of attack chopper with tandem seat setup.
  7. Boost your CPU

    I think CoreParking mostly pertains to older operating systems
  8. I always turn down the shadows to medium. Also, if you're trying to play it on 1080 or above resolution, anti-aliasing and all them fancy features become unnecessary and bog down performance. I myself always set Nvidia Control Panel to performance mode then change only power management to Max Performance and V-sync+Triple Buffer on so I can have 1920x1080 with good graphics but no performance impact
  9. New Badges

    Not sure what you're talking about. I've never had a heated debate with a recruiter, I think you have me confused for someone else
  10. reminds me of ADFX/ADF fighter
  11. New Badges

    any way I can get in on this?
  12. World of Tanks

    I just started playing again after about a year. Now I feel stupid for turning it down, it's pretty darn addicting even with just these little T1 and LTP tanks. RadPig94 is my username if anyone cares.
  13. Its Time......

  14. Post random things thread

    I found my promo video of a story I was planning on writing a year ago. Turned out cooler than I remembered. I'm currently writing the story right now, planning on making it a video game once I learn Unity Engine. Some screenshots of the video:
  15. Post random things thread

    I'm a Senior Member, F*** yeah

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