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Like the saying goes "An army moves on its stomach." I live a few hours south of the worlds largest C-130 base so I'm seeing these things fly over my home all the time. Now I like Strike Fighters love it. But I was wondering if there are any or if any campaigns built on the support role exists or could exist.


I understand the engine provides limitations to what a mod author can and cannot do. But could one cheat?


For instance deploying troops to a specified drop zone. Could an object such a smoke canister spewing yellow (or the correct color) smoke into the air be made? "Destroying" this object will result in troops or supplies being delivered.


Is it also possible to have missions start from point a but end and point b when the aircraft touches down?


Just wondering. Please forgive my ignorance. I understand that to most of you C-130s C-5s and whatnot seem like slow boring aircraft. But they are just as important as the fast movers.


Thank you for your time.

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If you like creative missions exploiting existing game mechanics to create new ones... YAP is the addon for you. Unusual cargo type missions. Rescue missions. Even a way to simulate in-air refueling. But you have to go back to WoV as TK took away many of the bugs/features the YAP crew was exploiting. Beware of pissing off 05 though. He only wants you using his product if you play his way and kiss up to his point of view.

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main way for SF2 would be a bunch of recon mission and drop your troops/cargo enroute. but you would only get credit for the recon portion, that is getting there and home without being shot down.

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