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I would love to see a Croatia, Serbia, Italy map.

I think that one would have great potential!

Could have airbases in Italy and fight a war over Serbia and Croatia.

Also carrier ops would be possible with carriers between Italy and Serbia/Croatia


Anybody knows if a map like that is around (for SF1 is also convertable to SF2) or in the works?




My best regards, Kodiak.


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Could be interesting Croatia as a member of NATO could provide airbases and of course allowing carrier ops form Adriatic sea and with new radical elected Serbian president who want to regain Kosovo back buliding tensions in Blakan peninsula once again destabilizing Europe and EU . Lets add strong ties between Russa and Serbia and Rusian attempts to show off and flex the plex it might be a nice scenario :)

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interestering ...

that was 2 years ago ... dosen't seem llike any progerss has been made


i wonder if the 3 files they posted could be used to generate the HFD (from the hf bmp)... be an interestering experiment

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