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  1. F-14 shoots down F-4...

    yes totaly true , the Be-Deviler was about to be promoted to Admiral but things went bad :) http://www.washingtonian.com/projects/admiral/index.html
  2. SAAB JAS-39 Gripen E

    Stipe , do I have to download the original Gripen E and then apply this update or it is standalone ? If I need the original Gripen where can I find it ? I did a search for Gripen but only this one appears for E or I doing something wrong ? thanks !
  3. fantastic , works perfectly well with my SF2 packages : SF2Europe+ Europe Expansion pack 2+SFNA , what I miss is a carrier group in the sea and the F-14 TOMCAT it is a COLD WAR Warrior and should be added in the Campaing , the LONG LEGGED AIM54s could be very handy for long range Strike Escort ,Intercept,CAP and other type of missions , any Chance to add this as it already require SFNA ?
  4. wondering will this mod work with my combination of SF2 packages because I have : SF2EU + SF2EU EXPANSION PACK 2 + SFNA i don't have SF2 , will it work ?
  5. Hello guys ! I already have SF2 North Atlantic and have a tons of fun with it specially with all this new adds what are made custom and form this community however I'm looking forward to buy SF2 EUROP+EXPENSION PACK2 which should bring me the MISSION EDITOR. Now the dilemma I have is, will the MISSION EDITOR work for SFNA ? My goal is to be able to customize missions in SFNA and of course in other that will be available when I have all 3 together . IN my case it will be : SFNA + SF2 EUROPE+SF EXPANSION PACK 2 I have heavily customized SFNA , terrain , clouds , aircraft's , weapon's, runways , If I add this new installs of SF2EUROPE+ EXPANSION PACK2 will this affect SFNA as it is now in any way ? What is your advice about installing the game once I have all 3 together ? Will the F-14 be playable in EUROPE theater if not in campaign then at least in SINGLE MISSION ? how about other fighters F-18 E/F , F-22 , F-35 ? Any word of wisdom will be most appreciated Thank you all in advance , Best!
  6. and something else on the same modela I only fly F-18F Block 2 for now ,looks like the ILS lines are missing on the HUD on final aproach hovewer they are visible on the LEFT MFD ,is this ment to be so ? Im pretty sure that ILS lines on landing are visible on the HUD on every real FA-18here is a nice view of the HUD : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYeTVed-qAY
  7. well cant see them down once I lower the gears , I bouncing on the carier with around 180-200 to get it somwhat controled the nose attends to drop down below 180 , its prety much hard work to get it on the carrier , while there is no problems and it is very smooth with F-14 A/B/D because the flaps are in landing position
  8. hi guys , awesome made models and very fun to fly exept for F-18F Block 2 I cant control FLAPS , usal F to lower or rise FLAPS doesnt work for some reasone under SF2NA (only) I dont heve anything else ,any idea ?
  9. I just can tell you taht DCS FC3 is killing my ALENWARE M17XR2 2x R 5870 , 8 gb ram , RAID 0 1T , i7 2.8 to be honest Im not sure that this is so meuch system underpower related as it has no matter if I play at hi setings or low what ever I try I end up with huge frame drops even at lower res ..ok I play this under W8pro 64 bit and it is still beta so I give some hope.
  10. Thank you it was AWESOME :) love it :)
  11. ok don't want to reveal much but Im flying TARPS recon second time now...dos it have a official ending or I will have to fly TRAPS till the end of the days :)
  12. Could be interesting Croatia as a member of NATO could provide airbases and of course allowing carrier ops form Adriatic sea and with new radical elected Serbian president who want to regain Kosovo back buliding tensions in Blakan peninsula once again destabilizing Europe and EU . Lets add strong ties between Russa and Serbia and Rusian attempts to show off and flex the plex it might be a nice scenario :)
  13. Menu X (HD)

    Awesome :) thank you !<br>
  14. TMF F-14 Tomcat Superpack

    NAVY set a G limit to all TOMCATS by 6 but that Grumman Iron Works bird could handle even 10G but then the maintainers need some extra hrs;) however, can we expect this version 1.18 to work with SF2 NA ??
  15. hmm Im not sure how this works ? I put it into the game root where the original MENU folder is , it did copy all this stuff in it but it doesn't show up then I created a folder named "mods/Menu" and again nothing ..what is the exact path ?

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