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EA-6B Superpack

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This mod has been tested with Strike Fighters 2 Full 5+2 merged install; it should work with individual installations of SF2NA. The A-6 Superpack 1.51 or later is required in order to use the EA-6B Superpack.


Since the EA-6B Prowler is a modification to the A-6 Intruder airframe, the ThirdWire (3W) EA-6B model uses many of the same textures as the A-6. Therefore, creating an EA-6B Prowler add-on to the A-6 Superpack was a logical progression. I look forward to sharing the increased system fidelity and high resolution skins in this Superpack to enhance your SF2 experience.


What the Superpack Does

This package is designed to enhance the default 3W EA-6B model and skins, expanding the prowler to multiple variants over time and providing additional skins and squadrons for each. Among the things added are:

  • High resolution (2048x2048) skins for both classic gull grey and tactical grey schemes
  • Additional variants of the existing skins, including differently colored radomes, tails, and low visibility details
  • Six different EA-6B variants (standard EA-6B, EXCAP, ICAP I, ICAP II Blk 82, ICAP II Blk 86/89, and ICAP III) with varying skins and systems.
  • Enhanced aircraft profiles for the loadout screens.
  • Additional decals, to include custom designed VAQ/VMAQ squadron tail logos and historically accurate BuNos on the tails.
  • Entries, logos, and markings for all USN and USMC EA-6B Prowler squadrons (including reserve squadrons) as part of the A-6 Superpack (required)
  • Enhanced hangar screens and loadscreens for each A-6 variant
  • Custom canopy markings and wing tanks for some squadrons
  • Added landing lights, pylon lights, and ventral anti-collision lights to models and skins
  • Further LOD enhancement, to include proper relative placement of Pilot/ECMOs, upgraded ejection seats, and the use of USN pilot LODs.
  • Enhancement of Avionics and Data files for each variant, with particular emphasis on AN/ALQ-99 Jammer frequencies and Defensive ECM (DECM) capability.

Because this mod uses and supersedes the 3W default EA-6B, the 3W EA-6B has been renamed EA-6B Prowler ICAP I. It is actually the third EA-6B of six variants included in the package, and has had its jamming capability and frequency coverage reduced to a more realistic level.


What the Superpack Doesn't Do

This mod enhances default aircraft. If you don't have the default EA-6B LOD (available in SF2NA), or if you prefer to use a different set of EA-6B LODs, then this mod is of limited value to you.

Don't expect specific organizational insignia or logo placement. I tried to be historically accurate, but since these are skins designed to be compatible with all A-6 squadrons, organizationally specific markings cannot be supported. Likewise, squadron insignia change over time, and the limitation of using the default decals prevents this evolution. Variation between organizations is best represented by subtle differences between skins assigned to the same A-6 variant (e.g. the EA-6B with the white nose/tail may look slightly different than the one with the tan nose/white tail).

Additionally, the Superpack is unfortunately not flyable without further modification. You will need to provide your own cockpit in order to enable player use of the A-6. Two notable options are extracting the A-6 cockpit from Wings over Vietnam, or by purchasing RAZBAM's excellent EA-6 pack for Strike Fighters (recommended). Likewise, plenty of existing SF1 A-6 mods have cockpits that are compatible with this pack. Regardless of which selection you prefer, any cockpit you use for the A-6 Superpack will be compatible with the EA-6B Superpack as well.

Finally, the Superpack does not in any way change what missions are flyable by the game engine. There is no specific SAM Suppression mission in SF2, and the Prowler is unsuitable for cluster bomb delivery that is often part of SF2 SEAD missions (ICAP I and later variants don’t even have bombsights!). Hence, the only primary mission available to the Prowler is the role of Escort Jammer, which is not a player-flyable mission at the time of this writing. This means that while you may be able to fly the Prowler, you will be limited to Reconnaissance missions.


Manual Installation

Simply copy the contents of this folder to your SF2 “mod” folder.

The EA-6B Superpack requires that the A-6 Superpack already be installed, and SF2NA must be present in order to use the 3W EA-6B model.


The EA-6B Variants

EA-6B Standard

This is the original EA-6B that flew near the end of the Vietnam War. The Standard EA-6B/ALQ-99 could cover frequency bands 1/2, 4, and part of 7.



This is the first upgrade of the EA-6B that provided coverage for additional frequency bands. Frequency bands covered by the ALQ-99A through ALQ-99C are 1/2, 4, 5/6,7(partial), and 8/9.



This is the EA-6B variant on which the 3W model is based. As such, this variant has retained the EA-6B folder name, even though it is not the first variant in the series.

The ICAP was the first major upgrade to the EA-6B line, and was also the first model used by the U.S. Marine Corps (all previous versions were exclusive to the U.S. Navy).

The ICAP-I and the corresponding ALQ-99D introduced digital receivers and integrated computer controlled jamming systems, and reapportioned the Electronic Countermeasure Officer (ECMO) workload so that ECMOs 2 and 3 (the "kids in back") were responsible for tactical jamming. The work-leveling and digital integration prompted the increase in Jamming Strength to 90. The ALQ-99D covers bands 1/2, 4, 5/6, 7 (partial), 8, and 9/10.


EA-6B ICAP II Block 82

The ICAP II series of upgrades was a major update for the EA-6B line, incorporating expanded frequency coverage as well as improved avionics and ALQ-99 processing ability. The biggest jump in capability for the ICAP II was the universal exciter which covered bands 1-9, thereby obsolescing the dedication of individual pods to bands. Additionally, band 7 was now completely covered. The increase in Jammer Strength is justified by the further reduction of ECMO workload by the TEAMS system, which significantly improves response time against known/planned threats. The ICAP II is also notable as being the first Prowler to carry an offensive weapon, as it is capable of carrying the AGM-88 HARM.


EA-6B ICAP II Block 86/89

The ICAP-II Block 86/89 ALQ-99F covers the 3 band, now providing coverage over the entire threat spectrum. This version of the ALQ-99F also provides 1kW per GHz, and most closely models the frequency coverage and jamming strength that was provided in the original 3W EA-6B.



Added mostly for completeness, the major upgrades in the ICAP III were more avionics oriented and less about the ALQ-99. However, the ALQ-99 exciter was upgraded to allow faster response in jamming a particular threat frequency.



Big thanks go out to Wrench for use of his A-6 and EA-6B templates, as well as to Fubar512 and MigBuster for help with the jammers along the way.


Additional Credits:

  • Ventral and Pylon Lights were created by RussoUK2004.
  • VAQ-134 decals are by Dave from his VAQ-134 EA-6B.
  • Wingtip formation lights in the skins were modified from the skins in the the SF2V Air & Ground Expansion Pack by malibu43 and eburger68.
  • VAQ-133 decal templates provided by Dave.
  • NAVYNM2 and MODUSN2 Pilot LODs and the F-14 Seat were taken from The Mirage Factory (TMF) F-14 Superpack.
  • TireTouch.wav was taken from FastCargo's F-15 Super Pack.
  • FansongTrack and FansongLock WAV files (EA-6B_71, EA-6B_73 RWR sounds) by Fubar512.
  • USN Wind, Stall, and engine overspeed sounds taken from the TMF F-14 Superpack.
  • Classic EA-6B skin patterns are based on the default 3W A-6 skins by DanW.
  • Some squadron tail art and aircraft markings were taken from Mark Styling’s aircraft art website in accordance with the FAIR USE Act.
  • EA-6B Walk Around by Joe Michaels, EA-6B Prowler in Detail & Scale by Bert Kinzey, and Grumman EA-6A Intruder & EA-6B Prowler by Dennis R. Jenkins were used extensively for research on proper markings, systems, and AN/ALQ-99 performance specifications.

Thank you all for your contributions.


This Superpack is released in accordance with the Combat Ace Freeware Licensing Agreement. Please feel free to use the contents of this pack with any other mod, so long as appropriate credit is provided.


For support, please post in the File Announcement thread for this mod at Combat Ace.


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This quite a project!


Awesome bit of work, thanks!


I'll be loading Prowlers and Intruders tonight!!

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You, Sir, have outdone yourself. :ok:


I f**ks with you on this one :good:







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Nice pack, but nice info on the ALQ-99, needed to update the Growler pods

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Homefries, beautiful job, as usual. Got a question, though, I'm using the Razbaam pits and per your instructions installed the EA-6A pit in the '71 and '73 versions. Although all the entries seem to be there in the Cockpit, Avionics, and Data ini.'s, there seems to be no RWR visible. Installed a straight Razbaam EA-6A to a different install to test; same thing (all the entries are there, also). Did those early versions of the EA-6B not have a RWR?

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I ran into that myself, and based on the information in EA-6B Prowler in Detail & Scale it appears that the EA-6A didn't have a visible RWR. I haven't been able to confirm this for the EA-6B Standard and EXCAP, but it looks as if there is no RWR display on the pilot side for either variant. Since I couldn't verify the non-existence of a visual RWR, I left the Standard and EXCAP variants as Vector type RWR in case people do have displays.


Unfortunately, the "clock trick" from the 3W A-6 cockpit doesn't work with the RAZBAM cockpits since they display the entire panel, with the only components being the H/M/S needles and not the clock face itself.

Edited by HomeFries

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Thanks for the fast reply. Tried the "clock trick", too. I also noticed some seemingly non-functional displays in the Razbaam pits, SideslipIndicator, Range/CourseCounters on the HSI, Wheels light, etc. I tried some ini. fixes with no luck, do you think this is a lod. issue? I recall Fubar mentioning somewhere that he had an updated Razbaam pit that had all the lights, etc. working, and that Razbaam had cleared it for release, but I don't know what's happening with that. Your thoughts on this would be much appreciated, I'd love to get that stuff working.

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I had assumed the issues with the RAZBAM pit were LOD related, and the CRS/DME has always been my pet peeve. This is the first I have heard of the updated pit, though I would be happy to include the mods in future releases. Perhaps it would drum up sales for RAZBAM as well.

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Fubar's post is here: http://combatace.com...post__p__552044


Edit: I just noticed you were the last poster in that thread! :biggrin:


2nd Edit: The FuelIndicator fix Fubar mentions is an easy one, in the FuelIndicator entry: Set[02].Value=15770.0.

Edited by SupGen

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Thanks for the reminder, SupGen. That thread was when I started modding, and I had completely forgotten about it. I've since revived the thread.

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