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Pakistan Army Mi-8 Pack

Pakistan Army Aviation Corps. Mil Mi-8 pack for SF2(Full 5-merged recommended).


This pack represents the Mi-8/17 Multi role helicopter in service with the Pakistan Army Aviation Corps.These birds have been in service for a long time and have been used in almost every role,from disaster relief to Troop insertion to battling insurgents in the Tribal regions.The Pakistan Army mostly uses the Mi-17,but a few Mi-8 variants are also in service.The following skins are included:


-Early camo

-2 desert camo schemes

-1 green camo scheme

-1 SSG(Special Services Group) scheme


A total of 5 skins are included.The Aircraft was made for SF2 by marcfighters.I have adjusted the loadout to allow it to carry non-soviet weapons.The FM of the Aircraft works perfectly well on the Normal Flight model setting.NOTE:Only ask your wingmen to engage targets within a range of 1.2 Nm or less.Otherwise,they will simply waste all their munitions from a very long range.


NOTE:The skins are in the .BMP format and are sized to 2048x2048.Users with older system may want to resize to 1024x1024 for optimal performance.



After unzipping PA_Mi-8 pack 1.0,place the sounds and the objects folder inside your SF2 mods folder.You must at least know about the SF2 mods folder.

Note:If you do not know anything about the mod folder,the immediately stop the installation,go to the COmbatACE Forums,Go to the Strike Fighters 2 Knowledge Base and take a look at the thread explaining the Strike Fighters 2 mod folder mechanism.





You have permission to modify these textures for your own mod(s) as long as I(lazarus1177) am acknowledged as the original author.


If you have any concerns about my mod(s),then I can be contacted here at combatace.



Aircraft Model:Marcfighters


Original Textures:Marcfighters


Pilots:came from the seaking from the SF2 Falklands mod.(Made by Diego)




Murtaza Akbar


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in case some you ain't noticed yet, the site is undergoing a MAJOR software upgrade.


be paitent ... they'll be active when the upgrade is completed (with the next 24-odd hours, I'd expect)

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Well these are Mi-8s which are in service in select numbers.However the serial numbers painted are real as are the schemes.Any news on that overkill cobra?

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      View File Mirage F-1AZ
      Mirage F-1AZ.
      This mod is dedicated to BPAO, nothing would have been possible without him.
      Single-seat strike and multi-role fighter. It is a simplified attack version with extra fuel in place of radar and some other all-weather avionics.
      The South African Air Force recognized the advantages of a simplified version of the Mirafe F1CZ for day visual attack missions. The resulting Dassault-Breguet Mirage F1AZ
      is visually distinguished by having a slender conical nose, resulting from removal of the large Cyrano IVM radar. In its place is the ESD Aïda II ranging radar and a
      laser-ranger, with a large instrument boom housing the pitot/static heads attached on the underside of the nose. The main avionics racking is moved from behind the cockpit
      to the nose, making room for an extra fuselage tank. Other additions are a Doppler radar and a retractable refueling probe. South Africa received 32 aircraft for service with
      No. 1 Sqn.
      The aircraft were withdrawn from service in 1997.
      Ironically, it was the F1AZ's usefulness that indirectly resulted in its retirement. In ther late 1980's, the initial plan was for the F1AZ to be upgraded after the Cheetah
      program was finished because the SAAF couldn't take the risk taking it's fleet of F1AZ's out of the front line without a similarly cabable aircraft to take their place, which
      couldn't exist untill the Cheetah C. However, once the Cheetah upgrade was completed (mid-1990's), the budget had been slashed and there was no longer sufficient funding.
      Faced with mounting operational costs, a tiny budget adn what amounted to a new type in service, the SAAF did the logical thing and retired the F1AZ's to focus the remaining
      funding on the Cheetah C and D.
      Covered unit :
      N°1 Squadron Early Camo.
      N°1 Squadron Experimental Camo.
      N°1 Squadron Low Visibility camo.
      N°1 Squadron Low Visibility camo and post 1994 marking.
      Gabonese Air Force.
      Congolese Air Force
      Installation :
      - Copy and paste the Objects folder in your mod folder.

      Changelog :
      - 30MM_DEFA553 gun folder added.
      Crédits :
      - Aircraft : BPAO and Centurion-1.
      - Cockpit : Brain32 and Centurion-1
      - Skins and decals : Ludo.m54.
      - Templates : Brain32, ACE888 and Ludo.m54.
      - Avionics and data tweaks : Crusader.
      - FM : Baffmeister.
      - Interception light : Coupi
      - Weapons : Ravenclaw_007.
      - Hangars et loading screens : Ludo.m54.
      The ejection seat should be a Martin Baker Mk4 but we don't have this model.So If there is a modder who wants to make it, he will be more than welcome.
      A big thank to all on Combatace and C6 forums that helped us solving issues we encountered.
      Any omission in credits is totally unwanted, if I forgot somebody, let me know, I will correct this.
      This addon is and will in all cases remain freeware.
      Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms.
      The Mirage F-1 Team.
      Submitter ludo.m54 Submitted 09/21/2015 Category Mirage F1  
    • By Lazarus1177

      View File PAF C-130B SF2
      PAF C-130B For SF2(ANY/ALL)
      PAF C-130B for SF2,tailor made for the Indo/Pak mod.Mod represents the C-130B in Service with the Pakistan Air Force during the time of the 65' and the 71' wars.These aircraft were(are!) assigned to the No.6 Transport Squadron based at Chaklala AB.During the time of the 1965 war,they were modified to drop bombs on enemy targets along with carrying out their normal duties.The modifications included the removal of the cargo ramps for better operations.
      A detailed description of their missions may be read here:http://www.defencejournal.com/sept98/nodestination2.htm
      Includes one aircraft with two textures.Due to the small amount of information available on the topic,I have decided to not include any Serial Numbers.However,the aircraft do sport their nose Codes.The skins include the early Gray/White scheme aswell as the rare SEA camo(present on aircraft delivered from USAF Stocks).Every attempt has been made to bring the skins as close to the real world aircraft as possible.
      The Bomber mechanism was directly imported from Paulopanz's excellent An-12 mod found here:http://combatace.com/files/file/15637-an-12-cub-bonus-an-8-camp/
      To drop bombs,Open the cargo ramp using Ctrl + O and then press the fire button.
      Aircraft model:Dels
      Original Aircraft package and Sounds:daddyairplanes
      Bomber mechanism:Paulopanz's An-12 mod
      Special Thanks to Spinners,Eole and daddyairplanes for the Forum Help!!!
      (If an author is left out whose work has been used,then please notify me ASAP)
      DEVELOPER Notes:
      1.Since the original C-130 Package encouraged modding,I have gone ahead AND included the LOD files.
      2.I could not find a suitable cockpit hence the original "Modern" cockpit is included.
      The contents of this mod may be used in Other mods.In every instance please give full credits to the original Authors.
      After unzipping,move the objects and the sounds folders to your mod folder.
      Murtaza Akbar
      Submitter Lazarus1177 Submitted 08/25/2015 Category C-130  
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      View File IAF No.26 Sqn Mig-21Bis Skin Mini-Pack
      IAF No.26 Sqn Mig-21Bis Skin Mini-Pack
      A very small mod which adds two skins for the IAF's No.26 Sqn Mig-21s.Can be used with the default Mig-21Bis but I recommend PauloPanz's Excellent Pack: http://combatace.com/topic/53226-iaf-mig-21bis-vikram/
      Unzip and paste the Aircraft and Decal Folder inside the Objects mod folder.
      Murtaza Akbar
      *Skins based on Fubar512's Mig-21MF Template here at the CA Forums.
      *Paulopanz's Mig-21 'Vikram' required for tail numbers.
      Submitter Lazarus1177 Submitted 07/10/2015 Category MiG-21  

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