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OT: Heading to Germany

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Good Morning Gents!


Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. The fall semester is off and running and so am I. I had to share, however, that I am finally going out of the US for the first time! I'm heading to Coburg, Germany next week for a conference. It should be an exciting trip - if for no other reason than I'm praying that the Lufthansa strikes don't mess up my flights! I'll be heading to Munich on Monday and from there I'm going to ride the DB to beautiful Coburg.


I can't tell you how exciting this is. I'm the first member of my family since my grandfather to go overseas - and he went for rather different reasons (WWII). I'll have to share pictures when I get back. Can't wait!


Cheers guys! Hope everyone is doing well and BH: I was following your hurricane updates, glad things weren't worse than they were!



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Sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you have a good and safe trip. Maybe you can meet up with some of our German members along the way?

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Wow, that would be nice, and I hope you have a safe and fun trip, CaptSopwith! I am in Montevideo, Uruguay, now, on a trip to test an electrical generator, and though I've been abroad a few times, I'm a bit of a rube and don't get too adventurous - I don't know Spanish worth diddly, and not many here know English, so...


Anyway, safe & fun (real) flying! Like BH says, we have members in Germany! One in particular comes to mind...





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Soppy, when you're in Munich and if you're looking for a place to grab a bite, enjoy a bier, and hang out with some of the local journalists, head up the Sendlinger Straße to the Altes Hackerhaus. I stopped in there in 1975 and as such things don't change much in Europe I'm betting the place is still quite a bit the same. Great beer and Bavarian cuisine, and outstanding atmosphere. Have a stein for me while you're there, a nice dark harvest brew of some kind, if you'd be so kind. :drinks:







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Captain, don't worry - I'm in school all day anyway, plus one hour to get there, and one hour to get back.

At my age that's quite exhausting, cause inbetween the two rides, I try to stuff all that XHTML, Java and

PHP stuff into my head, where the museum director keeps shouting something about "the house is full!" -

in other words: you wouldn't have found me entertaining at all.


But since you go to Munich, I would suggest a visit at the "Deutsches Museum" there, if you can make it.

They have a branch in Schleissheim about aviation.




Also very good (or even better) must be the "Technik-Museum" in Sinsheim/Speyer.

Perhaps you can get there too.




I guess you are very exited about such a far trip from home. I hope one day I can make it to the USA,

and then I can visit you, if you have the time then.

I wish you all the best and good luck & weather for your trip, Captain - and yes: we expect photos.

Lot of photos!

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