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Hi guys,


I am in the process of getting my CF-110M (Canadian F-4M) ready for upload. At this point, I have eight separate skins. SEA and ADC Grey for 409, 410, 416, and 425 Squadrons. Natually, this makes for a massive aircraft (over 300mb).


I was wondering how to make it so that I could have two skins, and the ability to select the squadron I want.


I have added the following to Squadronlist.ini:




DisplayName=No. 409 Squadron





DisplayName=No. 410 Squadron





DisplayName=No. 416 Squadron





DisplayName=425e Escadron



I have named the squadron markings "SQN402", "SQN403", "SQN404", "SQN405"


I am not sure what to put in the decals.ini for the skins.

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Since you've made decals associated with squadrons in squadronlist.ini, you need to assign them as level 1. The program will then take care of the numbering.


Here's an example, assuming you're dropping your decals in the Objects\Decals\CF-110 folder.



Now if you're using the default F-4 LOD for the CF-110, you may be better served covering down on the existing naming convention for the F-4 level 1 decals, then just drop the files directly into your main decals folder (since you're supplementing existing default decals). Note that if you do this, you will likely need to cover down on the default decal placement within the canvas itself, though you are not limited in file size.



FilenameFormat=F4_SqTailL (and another entry for F4_SqTailR)

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don't forget this line, added to the Textureset.ini:






allows the skin to 'trun on' at a specific time

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Sherriff, i have an updated squadronlist for you here. the numbers you used are now being used by new additions from the latest DLC. this list has over a hundred placeholder from stock units to the start of the non stocks. also for the name in the future Name=xxxCAF works best. i have that fixed for you in this. so you dont have to look the new numbers are 409Sqn/788, 410/796, 416/822, and 425/823. if you want to use the F-4SqTailL/R entries just number by the squadron and all should work.




also dunno how much historical research you did on the squadrons but 410 flew Vampires , 409, 416 and 425 Voodoos and Canucks. all eventually flew or fly Hornets. just a lil fact i dug up while fixing.

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