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Spanish Navy Surface ships pack 1.0

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Spanish Navy Surface ships pack 1.0

This packs includes the main surface ships from the Spanish Navy

at the time of Operation Northern Sabre (1979), including:


-Lepanto Class (Fletcher destroyers)

-Churruca Class (Gearing FRAM destroyers)

-Baleares Class (AAW Frigates, modified Knox design, Knox model used as stand-in)


The Lepanto (Fletcher) class were no longer first line ships,

however, they were still being used for fisheries and patrol

duties. Would have joined a (the) carrier group if needed. The

model included is Grinch´s late 2WW Fletcher class, and lacks the

FRAMish improvements of the ships in service with the spanish navy


The Baleares (Knox) class frigates were different from the

original Knox class, their role being AAW. The stock model

has been tweaked and acts as an stand-in as no other is



Improved skins including number decals are to follow. Please note

that this pack is intended for SF2NA, alone or merged


Thanks to Grinch for his model, Wrench for fixes, and WhiteBoySamurai

for his much needed lessons on ship inis.


If anything is wrong, i adapted and touched all ships, so i´m in

fault, please report


To install, drop in mod folder





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