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Another great close Video of Kermit's Albatros D.Va

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Thank you Olham!


As I've said several times, I envy this man. :shout:


If you fly FSX, I've made a freeware scenery for the Fantasy of Flight site, with the good cooperation of the FoF people. You can find it at Avsim and SOH libraries. Search for Fantasy of Flight. It is a good place to fly vintage planes in FSX and be believable.


I hope one day to be able to visit this place for real.

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Thanks for the heads-up about your FSX scenery, Dimus. Going to grab it now. Thanks for the link, too, Olham.

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Now that would be fun! Is this the Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida? If so, my sister lives very close by - I know she's been there, her brother-in-law has quite a nice library of aviation- a lot of WWII and stiff, a beautiful drawing of an F4-U, etc.


So I can get FSX scenery? Aeroplanes as well? Much thanks!


(Yeah, right... I can't even manage some stick time in OFF right now and I'm going to go off and start another venture? But it shan't always be like this, winter approaches!)


Oh, and thanks, Olham! Nice video!



EEK! And I just found their site! You can get a BIPLANE RIDE!



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