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does any body know how to avoid this bump map errors ????


it is not only on my mod i checked other mods and found the same problem , interesting enough the error only appears on parts of the aircraft where no bump map would be needed

im thinking of removing the bump maps if i can not fix this error


this is the error on my F-4F





here the same error on a mod from Sundowner




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had this too, it's simply wrongly mapped surface, Volker unwrap those small parts and map them again


it's caused by planar mapping on perpendicular surfaces of flaps and stabs pics of which you posted and engine goes crazy with side surfaces in this case


I hope I make myself more or less clear

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right now the textures texels stretch down the edge which isn't that noticeable on standard diffuse maps on small parts but causes normal maps to go crazy, mapping these parts will solve it

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