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Shenyang J-6 Pack

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Shenyang J-6 Pack

Shenyang J-6/J-6A/J-6B/J-6C/J-6III


What's in:

J-6 Basic MiG-19S copy

J-6A MiG-19P copy

J-6A (74) J-6A with PL-2A IRM

J-6B MiG-19PM with PL-1 SAHR

J-6B (75) J-6B with guns

J-6C J-6 with parabrake.

J-6C (73) later Camo version

J-6III Special Mig-19 derivate.

J-6III (83) later Camo version


- PLAAF, AMRP, NKAF, EAF, IrAF, SudAF colors.


- working canopy on ground closing at take off key=0


- Restore file for after patch making flyable




All in main mod folder.




- Spillone104 3D megaworks & Sounds LTD

- Paulopanz Skin Paintings GMBH



@ paulopanz


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The TJ-6 is missing, is this version longer than others or could it be added via fakepilot?


There should be a couple more single seater ....... in schedule, but not the TJ-6.

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