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MiG-17PF and Chengdu J-5A Fresco-D

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MiG-17PF and Chengdu J-5A Fresco-D

Soviet and Chinese built radar equipped MiG-17 big pack.


A project lasting from few years, finally completed with Stary's outstanding cockpit.


What's in:


MiG-17PF: 5 Soviet, 2 BVVS, 4 CVL, 4 EAF, 2 LSK, 1 FAR, 1 ML, 1 NKPAF, 1 VPAF, 2 SyAF, 2 PWL, 1 AURI Skins


Chengdu J-5A: 2 PLAAF, 1 VPAF, 1 AMRPS Skins


A big compilation of stock, old, new, reworked, camo, silver skins, all with historical dedicated number decalsets.


Open canopy (with automatic close on take off) key = 0


Restore file for after patching edits




- Stary cockpit

- Spillone104 sounds

- The Trooper pilot

- Wrench hangars (I hope he will do for me)




- All in main mod folder




@ paulopanz


PS: a special thank to my friends Svetlin & Gaunt for their big help in Bulgarian and Hungarian references, hints and help. This is a real great around the world community.


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Paulo, all special thanks go to you only for the dedication and attention even to small air forces such as ours.

Thank you, my friend, and I am waiting patiently for the time when you get to MiG-21 :-)

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