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MiG-17F LSK Jabo

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MiG-17F LSK Jabo

In 1973-75 all DDR and Poland MiG-17F and Lim-5 in good condition were retrofitted with two extra pylons à la polish Lim-6 fighter-bombers. No brake parachute in german ones.

They served in JBG-31 'Klement Gottwald' until 1986, when they were sold to Mozambique. They had original german camo or new light blue livery.


This little add-on came from Spillone104's and my Lim serie and can be very useful for '70-'80 Nato Figthers campaigns (or modded stock ones) to portrait LSK Jabo unit, before it was equipped with new MiG-23BN or for the long waited South African scenario. So I hope You will like it. it long waited on my HD and this evening decided to share.


What's in:

- a new plane version

- 2 new hardpoints (pylons) for fighter-bomber (jabo) duty;

- 3 skins



- cockpit by Stary

- Pylons & sounds Spillone104

- skins & ini edits Paulopanz


To Install:

- all in main mods folder






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The outer wing pylons were only used for fuel tanks, never for bombs or unguided rocket pods in german service.


And one other remark, each single plane had an unique camo scheme. There were never two planes which looked like the other.

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Paulo I have one bug -the engine sound file (VK-1.wav) resides in sounds folder but plane's data file calls for VK-1F name; I made such copy myself but some might be troubled by this

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