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Indo-Pak Scenario Tweak

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I have noted something wrong in my indo-pak install




those different squares waste my pleasure to use this beloved mod, could You Kevin & Stary, mighty terraformers, fix it?


my install is that stated by Arthur666 (thanks a lot Guy!) in his new camp








@ paulo



PS: the plane You see in preproduction flight is A-TEAM HAL Marut revamped and edited.

Edited by paulopanz

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one reason why I never usde anything but the tiles I released it with


I don't have that tile pack, so I can't tell you exactly which one(s) are missing. Perhaps something in the Pak2Mid set?

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In your terrain set just run all your tiles through a jpeg viewer. The ones that come up as a mismatch visually are the ones missing from the set you have applied over the old one. There shouldn't be more than 3 or 4.

That's how i applied the newer Desert set over the one that came with ODS.

This is a little weird though. Was your copying thorough?

Edited by Stick

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I included that missing tile with the campaign too. I knew it was hidden in an ancient post, so I figured I'ld dig it up for yall. In the Terrains/IndPak/ folder. :ok:

I'll take it out for 1.1 if you're fixing it, Stary. Thanks.

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