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SF2 WW2 Hawker Hurricane IA (ETO/BoB), by Raven

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SF2 WW2 Hawker Hurricane IA (ETO/BoB), by Raven

SF2 WW2 Hawker Hurricane IA (ETO/BoB), by Raven


-- Something for the WW2 ETO players --

= For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =


*There is a distinct possibility that this mod will work in SF/Wo* 1stGen game installs. However, due to some of the modifications made to fit them into the SF2 environment (read: data ini/cockpit tweeks, destroyed model), all the features will =NOT= be working as designed.*


Some modificationa, tweeks, reskins and so forth for Raven's excellent Hurricane Mk.1A, create an SF2-ish version. (although it needed very little work!!)

All new skins, from Raven's template, and bunches of new decals. Included are skins for:


No. 1 Squadron (JX)

No. 3 Squadron (QO)

No. 242 Squadron (LE)


As seen during the Battle of Britian.

Each skin has the squadron crest as the paint chip, as seen on the Loadout Screen.

There is only one set of skin maps, located in the main aircraft folder. This mod makes use Brain32s "Multiple Use Skin Trick" ™. Each squadron calls it's own decals for their ID letters. The 'plane-in-group' letters and serial numbers use a pool of decals. The serials ARE historically those for Mk.1 Hurris, but should be considered 'generic' in nature.

Also, my "fake SqTail" decal is used, that will activate the Displayed Name those RAF squadrons in the stock SquadronList.ini.


A new SF2 version of my original "Box Art" hangar and loading screens (BoB Themed) are included.


Due to the rather short rangedness of this early mark, Mission Tasking has been reduced to CAP, INTERCEPT. I've left RECON and SWEEP, but this should only be used on small maps (like Gepard's Battle of Britian).


While this mod is basically designed for use ONLY in the Northern European environment, I've also included a Desert Air Force skin for No. 208 Squadron, as seen based in Egypt/Western Desert. Further instructions for adding to your MTO mods folder are below, in the "To Install" section.


When 'in game', you'll see "Hurricane Mk.IA (Raven)" on the drop down menu. This will differentiate it from any other Hurri IAs you may (or may not) have.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So, please =READ= them BEFORE installing this mod!!!. Also, give the "Notes" section a read too.

With Thanks To Raven for this bird,


Happy Hunting!


kevin stein


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