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HI!!! I know there's a graphics plug-in known as HDR/Bloom plug-in that enhances graphics. I have some questions, maybe you guys can help me:


Does it work for WoE, with Oct 2008 patch?


If it enhances the graphics, wouldn't it decreas the FPS?


What are the minimum system requirements?


Do you recommend it??


Thanks a lot!!!!!

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Funny, I'm coming up with English pages for both SweetFX and Enbseries.


There isn't anything for SF2 specifically with either SweetFX or Enbseries. However, I know there is at least one user upload of the enbseries here at CombatAce with tweaks for SF1.


Also, there is a thread here at CA specific to SweetFX, with settings others have tried.


This thread at guru3d.com has a lot of information on SweetFX, including version updates, links to FAQs, and even links to a GUI program to make it easier to tweak SweetFX.





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