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Warthog not the best for arcade games :P

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My son has loved playing the old Sega Star Wars Trilogy arcade game at Chuck E. Cheese and Disney Quest since he was about 2 1/2 years old (he just turned 6 in November).

So, after discovering the joystick wasn't working do well at Disney Quest, I thought to myself, I bet I can find a PC emulator on the internet.

Long story short, aside from a few minor graphical glitches, I got the original ROM running great on a PC emulator with my Warthog stick as the controller.

However, the heavy axis springs require me to use two hands to be both fast and precise.

Using the trigger button is slow.

To fire fast, I have to use a keyboard key to fire while using the stick single-handed, which cuts down my speed an precision.

After playing only a few minutes, my wrist hurts.

In short, the Warthog sucks for arcade flying/FPS games (though it is extremely smooth and precise two-handed).

I think the insanely lighter axis springs and trigger in the X-52 Pro will be much better when I get around to trying it (though I may lose some of the precision and smoothness).

That is all!

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I have an old Logitech Wingman Extreme that I use for things like that. I also have a gamepad, but I restrict that for games like Tomb Raider, Force Unleashed, or Lego XYZ that were literally designed for them.

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I have a Saitek gamepad with rumble, but the real arcade game was designed to work well with a full size analog stick, not the crappy, sensitive sticks on gamepads. I tried using the Saitek X-52 Pro, and while it was much lighter and easier to move, it was also much sloppier than the Warthog. When using two hands to make up for the "stiction" of small movements and the spring force changes over large movements, the Warthog is an exceptionally fast/precise device, as it should be for its price.

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