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SF2 WW2 French Fighters Pak

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SF2 WW2 French Fighters Pak

SF2 WW2 French Fighters Pak


= For SF2 (Full4/5 Merged RECCOMENDED!)


**Note: due to the extensive modifications to the cockpit and data ini, this mod will absolutely -NOT- work in 06 level 1stGen game installs. 08 Level 1stGens may have some issues, but this has not/cannot be tested by me.**


*Notex2: this package is a little on the heavy side, due to the inclusion of the skin templates for both aircraft*


This pak contains a reissue of Veltro2K's WW2 French Air Force (Armée de l'Air) fighter aircraft. These are the complete aircraft, with various/sundry changes.

This pak contains: (Note: the D.520 has been split into AdA and Vichy "Nationalized" useaircraft, in

essence, 2 different birds)


Morane-Saulnier MS.406

GC 1/2 (BoF timeframe)


Dewoitine D-520 (AdA)

4 CG II/7 (BoF timeframe)


Dewoitine D.520 (Vichy)*

GC III/3, North Africa (a bit 'generic' in nature- vichy)

GC II/3, Syria 1941 (Vichy French AF -vichy1)


*(This is the nationalized version. The aircraft folder is called D-520_V, and will display "Dewoitine D.520 (Vichy)" on the aircraft selection dropdown menu)

**Note: the Vichy D.520 resides in a seperate folder called "z--Vichy for MTO Installs". It is structured EXACTLY like the others, but without the Sounds, Pilots, Guns sub-folders. You will have to copy these twice***


Skins are in jpg format, and were created from a (patent pending) Home Grown Template ™. Decal randomization is set to TRUE. Some new decals were created, and NO pretense of historicality is to be confered) on them (see Note below). Damage textures are in DDS format.

BOTH templates are included for use by other skinners. Improvements/corrections are WELCOMED!

Weapons (ok, the French guns) are included.


All the 1stGen Hangar and Loading screens were either rebuilt to SF2-spec, or created new for this package.

Ini tweeks include (but not limited to) "newish" flight models -which, as always need some further refinments by Experten (no, seriously! they REALLY do!! Please!! somebody buld better ones!!), replacement/repainted cockpits, new gunsights, and AvHistory engine sounds.

See "Changes" in the Notes section for more details.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read them!!! PLEASE read the "Notes" section for the change list, and other important notations. Also, the Legal Statement has been changed with regards to these aircraft.

For those that still have the original releases, it's advised you delete the aircraft and decals folders for them; this pak is desinged to replace them in total.


**These aircraft herein are released in "AS IS" Condition. The source files have been lost, and there can and WILL be no modifications to the physical model. They 'are as they is' and you must accept them with this caveat in mind. Any and all issues/problems that cannot be solved via ini edits will exist forever, as new models are unlikely to be created**


Happy Landings


kevin stein


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