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During the first Iraq War in 1991, a group of iraqi MiG-29 decided to desert trying to escape the fate their comrades faced against the overwhelming power of the USAF, US Navy and their allies. Their escape ended over the Golan Heights, where they were intercepted by a entire squadron of F-15 Baz and F-16 Netz patrolling. Due to some misunderstanding between the deserters and the defending pilots, two MiG-29 were shot down and the remaining ones got escorted to the Ramat David Airbase.


Israel handed the pilots over to the US for further interrogation and kept the MiGs for studies. The capabilities of the plane convinced the commanders of the IDF. Israel offered Mikoyan Gurevych a offer for the license they could not refuse to accept, since MiG suffered a lot financially after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The MiG-29 was modified by IAI. Two years later, the first MiG-29I Shu'Al did it's maiden flight on the 24th of June 1992.


After only one Year of Service the Major flaws were known to the IDF. So IAI further upgraded the MiG-29I the Updates were so intense that the Shu'Al recieved a new name now it´s called the Shunar(Lynx)


the Mig recieved Following Upgrades:



-new Radar

-implementation of IDF Weapons

-additional mounts for chaff an flare dispensers

-laserpod station

-ability to mount F-16 wingtanks


IDF Command will transfer the "Shunar" to several Squadrons to replace the aging F-16A with the start of 1995







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i´m still fine tuning. until permissions is given from the guys i used stuff from:-D

for now i still have issues with the AG Gun Pipper it is way to low.



and kill markings how to add them on a third party mod would be great to know :-)

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This entry from the stock Kurnass should help...











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sry for trippel post:

sended out Beta version to some random selected people today.

i have to apologize,because i forgot to include the "Effects" :-D

waiting for feedback right know an still fixing minor and newly appeared bugs :-D

the release date will be 1st or 2nd March

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if i have time i will also include a new version of the predecessor: MiG-29I Shu'Al(Fox)

that was original released by ValAstur. So you guys will have a version that is more "Fulcrum"(Shu´al) than "Falcon"(Shunar) :-)


the Shu´al will be downgraded so:


-no ECM

-no Refuelprobe

-old Radar

-implementation of IDF Weapons(only dumbbombs, rocketpods, IR missiles and SAHM missiles)

-no MER and TER Attachment points

-old Hud (or F-16A Avionic)

-additional mounts for chaff an flare dispensers(will maybe also removed)

-no laserpod station

-no ability to mount F-16 wingtanks or any other wingtanks only centerline tank.

-skins will be the same (with Killmarkings)

-no bird-slicer

-pilot model with normal Helmet.


EDIT: im still considering another Canon for the "Shu´al" & "Shunar" maybe a 30mm ADEN or i´m sticking with the GSH 301. because there is simply no room for the Vulcan.

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just a heads up:

AG gun pipper problem is solved. she also recieved some additional Avionic upgrades thanks to crusader :-)

i´m now testing several bombs, missiles and rockets that they deploy properbly from the AC.

i was also considering to use the Mig29C model. maybe i do a screen with the "C" and the skin. but i like the original silhouette much more.

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i hope so :-)

we putting a lot of effort in to this project to make it believable :-)


after this project i will do a parani version.

that will be basically the same but with russian weapons and metric hud

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