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LOD texture bug, could it be fixed by HEX Editting?

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I almost finished making the skin ... and suddenly encountered with a texture bug in the LOD ... and its a real show stopper. A major one...


Both wings use the same texture file. I mean, there is 2.bmp and 3.bmp, and both wings use the same 2.bmp for texture mapping...

Yea... I know it is LOD stuff... but I do believe there is something in the LOD file, a value or more that could be changed so the component or material would look for the different file for mapping... the map positions are the same in both files...

I swapped the file names at the end of the LOD file, but I could only achive that both wings use the 3.bmp instead (((


Please someone who knows something, tell me what to do... Damn the biggest issue comes out only in the final moment when I was almost done with the plane (((

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If it is only changing a single caracter, or the format ending (bmp,.jpg,.dds) it can be done.

You can do that with any Hexeditors. This way you can test it.

About releasing this modified lod.... I would hold back if the original creator of the model is still around and ask him/her to please fix it or for permission to upload. If the person is not available anymore, than our admins/mods can give you a go or no-go about release approval.

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Yea... thats what I am trying... I just don't know which that character is :(((


Releasing... I don't want the credit at all, I just want to finish the skin and make it work.... a week's job down the toilet if I can't make it work(((


Never give up never surrender :D

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If that is the 141, the lod calls for all of the skin files what you have, in sequence -1.bmp,-3.bmp,-2.bmp,-4.bmp,-crystal.tga and -hud.tga.

Some mesh must be using the -3.bmp otherwise that would be not listed in the lod.

To change which mesh calls for which texture file unfortunately is not known by me, I lack that kind of knowledge since there is no out file with the model. But can be tested by using an even (like red) color skin texture with the same name, that way in game you can see what mesh uses it.

Unless someone has that special knowledge or lod coding I'm affraid only the creator of the max model can change it.



Edit: OK I see your pain..


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Yea... thanks for helping.... I found out which component uses which texture during my work on skins. But since my other two skins I've done for this plane was symmetrical... It did not appear only for the last one :S Never mind, I try something else.

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Well I just scaned the Yak41.lod and looks like those meshes were maped togeather and the texture were not reasigned to YAK41-3.bmp, so you can't fix it with a hex edit. (I tried) Lod's _002 and _003 are maped correctly.


Yak41_LOD3 needs "Reset XForm" on the canopy mesh also.


Pic's Orange is YAK41-2.bmp

Blue is YAK41-3.bmp

You might consider a full wing decal for the each wing they have diffrent mesh names?




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Umm... well. Wings are different meshes... For now I go with symmetrical skins. I get back to this later. I want to release the pack ASAP. Dozens of entries on the to do list for the next version, anyway ))))


At least I could fix the intake decal bleeding, in an elegant way, so I have reason to be happy for now ))


Thanks for the help to all of you guys!!!!





Decals in the air.... oooo )))



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