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SF2 WW2 PTO B-26 Marauder Pak

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SF2 WW2 PTO B-26 Marauder Pak

SF2 WW2 PTO B-26 Marauder Pak


-- Something for the WW2 PTO players --

= For SF2 ONLY, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =


**Note: Having SF2I Expansion Pak 1 is HIGHLY reccomended, as a few of the destroyed models referenced reach over to the stock destroyed C-47A. If you do =NOT= have Exp1, you will NOT have the burning wreck on the ground. You will have to locate some other destroyed model for use. Also, due to modifications to various inis, this mod will probably -NOT- work in 06 level 1stGen game installs. 08 Level 1stGens may have some issues, but this has not/cannot be tested by me.**


This is a reissue of Veltro2K's B-26 Marauder Medium Bomber. It has been reskinned/redecaled and had some tweeking done. This mod ONLY represents Marauders used in the PTO, specificly, in the SoWesPac region (read: New Guinea). It's "representative" of B-26A's used - see Notes below for more information.


This unit represented herein is...


2nd BS, 22nd BG, circa March 1942 through 1943 (before star-and-bar), in OD/Grey (as operated from Australia and New Guinea)


The skin are in jpg format, and have been remade from a new Home Grown ™ 'partial template'. All new, 100% historically accurate serial numbers were created for this squadron. There ARE nose arts for ths aircraf, but they are 'speculative' at best as I could find almost NO references what what they looked like (see Notes for more info). Decal randomization is set to TRUE. Like the ETO version, new DDS format damage textures are included.


It should be noted, do =NOT= use this mod in a ETO or MTO-centric mods folder; these Pacific Marauders are different!!!!


Engine sounds, pilot figures, a Brand NEW Theatre-specific Hangar screen (in SF2 jpg format) are included. Bombs and guns (and the Mk.13 torpedo!) are not; you should have them already. Operational service dates are rounded to 'whole months'.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read them!!! PLEASE read the "Notes" section for the change list, and other important notations. Also, the Legal Statement has been changed with regards to this aircraft.

For those that still have the original releases (and tweeked them for PTO usage), it's advised you delete the aircraft and decals folders for them; this pak is desinged to replace them in total.


**This aircraft herein are released in "AS IS" Condition. The source files have been lost, and there can and WILL be no modifications to the physical model. It 'is as they is' and you must accept it with this caveat in mind. Any and all issues/problems that cannot be solved via ini edits will exist forever, as new models are unlikely to be created**


Happy Landings!!


kevin stein


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Awesome job. I was just letting zero cinco know that his Marauders were 5 types of f*cked up today on his Facebook, then this comes along!


So for you WWII Pacific Marauder enthusiasts, let's see:


No gun packs - check

small intakes on engine nacelles: check

small windows for belly guns: check

short wings, horizontal stabs, vertical stabs: check

early style tail gun: hmmm I think there may be a discrepancy here


Good job on your model Veltro and Wrench!!!




Though this represents the NG B-26s well it also works for the Aleutians and Midway!

Edited by exhausted

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in particular, the small observation windows the 22nd added aren't there ... I could have painted them on, but couldn't quite get the location on the mapping correct


as the 'Lod is actually the later B models, it dosen't have the shorter fin and wings. Same for the single 50 tail gun AND the 22nd mostly REMOVED the glass from the tail gunner position

the carb intakes are still the larger B versions


mostly,the differences are listed in the Notes section. But it's 'close enough' for government work!!! :biggrin:

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Many many thanks!!! Very good for my PTO install... :flyer:

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