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STAR TREK Into the Darkness

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I thought it was out in Europe now. PLEASE DON'T SPOIL IT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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SPOILERS AHEAD...unless you are old enough to remember


It was all about an inmense cloud of unkwon nature headed to Earth, wich ends up being a Voyager probe wich became self aware, collected space trash and was looking for its creator, then there was this guy looking for revenge after being stranded by Kirk, wich captures a Fed ship and some tech to terraform planets wich is kinda explosive, alas Ender´s MD Device. After a lot of combat, and Kirk finding out his son, the bad guy makes his ship explode, and to avoid the explosion, Spock gets into the core reactor to fix the engine, sacrificing himself in the process, he is then torpedoed to a terraforming planet, but then they find out that he wasn´t dead, so they steal the spaceship to rescue him, but in the process, Kirks newfound son is killed by the Klingons interested in the terraforming thing. With Spock back to life, they capture a Klingon bird of prey. Then they get back to earth, because a big ass probe is looking for whales and destroying everything untl they find some, but as they are extinct, they have to travel back to the 20th century to find a couple of them. Then a renegade half-brother of Spock brainwashes the crew to go looking for God in a planet, only to find it is an impostor creature, being saved in the last minute by a Klingon Bird of Prey. The Fed and the Klingon are then to set a truce, but there is a conspiracy by the wich the K ambassador is killed, and poor Kirk is blamed because he hated Klingons after they killed his son, but soon the conspirators are exposed and everything ends up OK.


Then there was this bald guy, will post later about him.

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