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yes, if given the requisite time -- as Real Life is f***ing me in the ass, what with the last 9 weeks being one medical catastrophe after another with my mother -- you'll have whats shown in the thread.

As there's no computer, or net access at her house ... well, you get the picture. I am taking my old (and I mean OLD) single-core over there so I can contiue Photoshop work, but the machine can't run the games


skins will use decals for all markings, and many squadrons will be easily created by changing the SCode decal --


i won't be doing PTO, as Capun and Co are working on their all inclusive PTO mod; we must wait for them to release it, so we can see what's what for whom. We also need to see if they're creating new lods, said lods that may use DDS format skins (this is explained in the A-20G release notes, inside the zip)


of course, NOW would be a good time to download their Beaus; theres' 5 or 6 variants, and have them 'read to go' when I get to releasing the individual aircraft mod packs

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Alright man. Take care of mom. That's first and foremost.


I saw the PTO project over at DAT. Looks pretty cool. Sadly, unless they upload it at CA, I will not be able to partake.

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