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How do I get missile pylons on a plane's wings?

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I've added AA-2 Atoll missiles to a MiG-15. The missiles show up as selectable in the Loadout screen and they show up on the plane.


I rearanged the weapons stations info in the planes data.ini file to get the missiles to show up separately from the drop tanks.


I've also listed them in the weapons stations in the loadout.ini file.



But two things escape me.


First, I can't figure out how to add plyons/rails to the plane for the missiles. I've tried adding different plyons and rails in the weapons stations modelnodename= entry but none show up.


Second, the missles don't have a separate selectable weapons station in the loadout screen. I have to select either tanks or missiles. But they load in different places on the wings.




So... how do I get plyons on the wings and how do I get separate selectable weapons stations in the loadout screen.


Thanks for any help.






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heheheheheee ... my Fresco AS was was the first thing that came to mind!

The spacing, however, as the pylons are one lod, will be completely different on the Fagot. One can try, of course, but the wingspans are very different on the 15 vs the 17.


as alternative is, again using the fake pilot method, adding each pylon seperatly, like I did on the "what if.." F-79 Manta and HP Perigrine Flying Wing fighters (yes, it's an Ho-229). They're off somewhere's in the What If downloads.

Cocas built the pylons


edit: and given the time frame, even in the what if world, a missle armed Fagot would prolly carry RS-2U Alkali-A (IR guided), but they're start year in 1960, near the end of the 15s service life. The RS-1U, even with it's 1956 start date is of no use, as it's a beam rider, and there's no radar nose lod (fake piloted) that fits either pasko's 15 or the 3W one.

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Thanks Guys,


I'll look into these and get back to you.




Got the plyons on the MiG-15 using the F-79 plyons/fake pilot method. Tried the MiG-17AS F6WP pylons but couldn't figure out how to adjust them on the wings.


Will try the MiG-17AS method with the MiG-17A. I want missiles on that plane, too.


Thanks, again.





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on the Fresco, you move their position, in the SeatPosition entry


edit: CRAP!!! I thought I'd converted it to "fake pilot" mounting!!!

add that to my exceedingly looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong list of "things to fix"


edit the attachmentposition, if uses them as a 'hardpoint'


[iRM Pylons]

















red -fore/aft

blue= up/down

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